Friday, August 12, 2016

Week Thirty-Three: 5/16/16 Tucuman

Hey hey,
This week was pretty good. We have been teaching a lot and our investigators are increasing every week. We had splits two times this week and I was in our area for them both. The first one was with the zone leaders so that was fun, and the second was with an elder with literally 3-4 weeks in the mission from the states so he didn't speak Spanish. I was pretty nervous because I look to my comp for Spanish help, but then it was the other way around. All of our appointments fell through in the beginning of the night, so we were walking around trying to find somebody to teach but we couldn't find anyone. We went to an investigator's apartment that we haven't taught in a while, but they weren't there either. As we were leaving, I looked at the other side of the apartment and saw the lights on with the door partly open. I said to my comp, "Elder wolf, you know what that means? That means someone is home." We knocked on the door and a woman about twenty-four years old opened the door. We started to talk to her and then her boyfriend came up and he is this HUGE dude. We introduced ourselves and the first thing he said was to come in. We went in and taught the first lesson after getting to know them a little better. As we taught, we asked them questions and they had great answers to everything. At the end they seemed really interested and so we asked them to be baptized. They said yes so we put a specific date and they agreed to that too. I was kind of surprised and didn't really know what to do because it is never that easy. Then they asked us, "What do we have to do to get baptized?" That's a question I've never heard before. We said the the very basics, that you need to pray, read, and go to church in order to to gain a testimony that this message is true. They agreed to everything with zero hesitation. I don't think I've ever met someone so ready to accept this gospel. It was a great experience of feeling the spirit work through us to touch the hearts of this couple. And I'm so excited to teach them again. Oh and their names are Nicolas and Fabiana. 
On the other side of this week, I got bit by a dog. We were just walking down the street like normal when my comp wanted to go knock on some door. He turned to walk towards the house and I followed. He walked in front of a group of dogs with no problem, but then when I walked in front of them one of them walked behind me and bit me on the calf. Ouch! He is not my friend! After he bit me, I turned around and they all ran off. It didn't really hurt that bad and luckily it didn't rip my pants at all. That's what I was most worried about. But it was bleeding a little so we called the president's wife. She said to wash it with soap and water and just watch it for the next couple of days. but its pretty much all better now. This happened earlier this week and it's pretty much all healed. There is just a bruise. But it doesn't hurt or anything lol. We are working really hard and seeing miracles every day. I hope everything is going great at home! I love you guys! I'll talk to you soon! Kiss the puppies for me!

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