Friday, August 12, 2016

Week Thirty-Seven: 6/13/16 Tucuman

Hey fam!
So we had a pretty good week this week. On Thursday night we were walking around and working, just the normal Thursday night. We left an appointment and we had 4 missed calls from our district leader. We called him back and he said that a member of the 70, Elder Teixeria, was in Tucuman and that he wanted to meet with the missionaries tomorrow morning. We went to the stake center in centro and all the missionaries from Tucuman were there. He talked with us really about one thing; thinking outside the box. Like having activities or teaching English in the church to find new investigators. He gave us a lot of ideas and encouraged us to think of our own. He said that we should change things up a bit and think bigger, so my comp and I are trying to think of some ideas. We have some ideas and we are going to meet with the bishop to talk about them tonight to plan it better. Saturday I was having a really good night but I don't know why. It was a normal day but for some reason I was in a really good mood. I could feel the Spirit more in the lesson and I could really feel it working through me. Later in the night, a couple of our plans fell through so we were going to visit a recent convert that lived somewhat close. As we were walking down the street passing a bunch of houses, I heard/felt something very quiet and soft, saying that we should talk with this person that lived in a house that we had just walked by. I didn't think much of it at first because it was really faint and I thought it could have just been my head. But I figured we should stop and talk with who lived there anyways. We talked with the man that lived there and he wanted nothing to do with us. But we still asked if there was someone that he knew that we could visit. He said we could go by his neighbor's house. So we went. We talked with his neighbor and he let us in. We sat down at his table. We asked if there was anyone he could invite in the house to join us. He said that everyone was busy. But I saw a girl in the other room when we walked in. I leaned my chair back so I could see in the other room. I saw the girl and we made eye contact so I invited her to come join us. Without hesitation she stopped what she was doing and joined us. So we started teaching. Long story short, this girl, Anabela, is super chosen. She has and had some serious family problems and she was and is super interested in our message. I really feel good that she is going to progress. So we are pretty excited to teach her again. 
Oh and also we found out that this Thursday we are going to have interviews with the mission president in our apartment. So we spent most of the morning cleaning for that lol. My comp knows quite a bit of English. He likes to translate Spanish to English and then I check his work after. Or I help him with his pronunciation while he reads out loud. We are staying warm and working hard. And getting along good. I have no complaints lol.
It's crazy how fast the school year went by! I was just thinking. Exactly a year ago I graduated high school! Wow!! Time flies by!! There is one thing I want to ask you guys. I don't know if you know how, but it shouldn't be to hard to learn. But to send songs through emails, so I can download it on my USB. Some songs I would like are pretty much anything Josh Groban that is mission appropriate and Vocal Point's Nearer My God to Thee. I love you guys I'll talk to you soon! Kiss my puppies for me!!

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