Friday, August 12, 2016

Week Thirty: 4/25/16 Tucuman

Hey guys,
So i bet you guys are probably wondering about my comp lol. I'll start off with some details about him. He is from Salt Lake, he loves music and can pretty much play any instrument, he sings a lot, and he is just a couple months older than me. He is pretty much fluent in Spanish. When he talks, people always think he's from a Latin country because he doesn't have that english accent and he can speak really well and fast. So he is helping me a lot with my Spanish, which is nice. He is a really good worker and obedient, which is nice because Elder Hogge had some problems with some things. I am learning a lot from him every day. He has been a zone leader for the last 8 months and usually most elders die as a zone leader, but he said the president called him and said that his name came into his mind and that he needed to be transferred. So he really wants to work hard and find the reason why the Lord needs him here. Our second day together as we were having comp study, he said that he was going to give me a leadership training so at the end of this transfer I will be ready to be called to any leadership position in the mission. So I'm trying to learn as much as possible. We get along great, there are no problems there. But I never had a problem with that with my other comps either. We have been working really hard and trying to visit as many people as possible, but we are in a tough area and its hard to find the fruits from our work. That just means there is something we are supposed to learn from it. So we are going to continue to work hard and do what we are expected to do. 
Man it sounds like everyone has wedding fever! There is no escaping it lol.
My shoes are doing fine, there is no major problem with them yet. I haven't been wearing my boots but I am now. We are able to stay warm during the day and at night. We have a little heater in our apartment and it works great. I want to take a bunch of pictures but I'm a little hesitant to bring my camera with me here. But i will see what i can do. 
The only thing I can think of that I would like is a little booklet of pictures of the fam, friends, pups, and stuff like that to show the people we teach. Oh and some of water polo, nobody here has any idea what that is. 
My USB isn't currently working. I think it may have downloaded a virus. That happens a lot when using these computer cafes. But i gave it to a member that knows a lot about that stuff. He said he could fix it so no problem there. 
That's super crazy what happened to Maddie!! Oh man that has to be so hard for them. I remember what it was like for dad. How is the family doing with everything? Are they dealing with it well or how is it going? I'll be sure to keep them in my prayers. 
Everything here is going great! We are working hard and making the most of every second. I love you guys! Kiss my puppies for me! Oh and that pic of the cupcakes was super funny! I'll talk to you soon! Oh yeah I don't have any info about mothers day yet. They haven't said anything yet but I will have info for you next week! Talk to you soon! Love you!

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