Saturday, August 13, 2016

Week Forty-Four: 8/1/16 Monterico

Hey fam,
In order to send pictures we have to go to the church to send because the internet everywhere else is super slow. So I was able to send a few today. 
But this week was pretty good. It started out pretty hard. Actually really hard. Most of our appointments fell through and we were stuck with nothing to do, so we went to knock doors, but no one wanted anything to do with us. Which wasn't the most fun. But we didn't lose hope and we continued to pray and ask for help to know what to say and that the hearts of the people here will be softened. Long story short, God hears our prayers and saw that we weren't having much success so He helped us out. In three days we, with some divine help of course, were able to find 18 new investigators. We found various couples, young couples, a family of 4, and a couple of single investigators. We went from knocking about 15 houses and no one listening to almost every door we knocked let us in. It was incredible!! It was really a testimony builder that God really is aware of us and if we bare our afflictions with patience, we will be blessed and that he really does hear and answer our prayers. These investigators vary in their interest in the church. Some really have a deseo (ask Justin what that means, I can't remember) [I'm pretty sure it means desire] to follow Christ and others just like to listen to the word of God. But we are pretty excited to work with all of them. Some of them live pretty far from the church, so it's a little hard for them to assist the church. Really, it's hard for most people to assist because like I said, Monterico (the name of this area) runs off a big tobacco factory and that's the source of work for the majority of the people here, and it runs 7 days a week. So it's not too easy to get the people to come to church. But God can do all things according to His will, so there is still hope. 
Tomorrow we have a conference with the president so I should be able to get my package tomorrow. Hopefully the orthodontist will call soon saying that my retainer is done. The sooner the better! 
This week we got new beds, tables and chairs. We got new beds because the others were terrible. My comp's bed was bad lol. It looked like he was sleeping in a letter v. His legs were higher than his head lol. Mine was actually pretty comfortable. Actually more comfortable than the new one because the new one has springs that are pretty hard. So I put the old one on top of the new one and sleep on that lol. The tables and chairs are pretty nice. I like them a lot. We had to get them because we were borrowing tables and chairs form the church and they needed them back. 
I think that's it for this week. 
My comp is doing good. We are still working hard. He is pretty trunky so he tends to sleep in and go to bed late. I'm trying to stay as obedient as possible. I remember Justin and Cam telling me the importance of being obedient. 
But it sounds like you guys were able to have a great weekend. You were able to work hard and relax too. Sounds like a great week! Mom has braces?! Haha the first thing that came to my mind was when Cam got braces in Modern Family lol, does mom have the same lisp? Lol how long do you have to have them? 
A little more info on the branch. It's kinda funny. There aren't very many members and they don't know the songs very well, we don't have a piano, and my comp is extremely tone deaf so I'm the only one really singing, the members are really just saying the words and who knows what my comp is doing lol. So I'm trying to lead and guide the song to sound somewhat like how it should. So needless to say we sound great!! You know how Lehi saw the heavens open and angels singing around God sitting on his throne? I'm pretty sure our choir sounds pretty similar to the angel chior lol. 
But I love you guys! Kiss the puppies for me! I'll talk to you soon!

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