Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week Twenty-four 3/14/16 Tucuman

Hello, Hello,
Well it sounds like you guys had a great week!  I’ll start off with mine though first lol.  We were a little all over the place, literally!  Other areas in our district had a baptism, and my comp is the district leader so we had to do a bit of traveling for interviews.  Good thing was we were still able to do work here in our area.  The Lord seemed to bless us with more time to do everything we needed to do. 
Yeah, I know that my 6 month mark is coming up.  Honestly the first couple of months I was just hoping that these mile markers would come faster, but now it is coming way too fast.  Everyday I realize more and more how much work there is to do and how little time I have here.  I’ve met all kinds of people and families, people that literally have nothing and drink their days away.  I’ve seen broken families, families that are so poor that’s all they have is each other, and families where they have more than most.  All I can think about is how the gospel can help each of them.  I feel the days aren’t long enough and time is going too fast.
We found two new investigators this week.  Jorge gambles and Daniel recently crashed his motorcycle because he was on drugs.  I wouldn’t say they’re golden, but we found them literally at rock bottom and they are humbled.  We shared with them the gospel of Jesus Christ and they really like everything we had to say.  Get a load of this, they asked us if we could come back again.  Now that was fun!  I’m really thankful for the opportunity we have to help them come closer to our Savior.  My heart breaks for them, but that is our job here as missionaries.  When people literally have nothing that is when they need the Atonement more than ever, we can help them take that step and come closer to our Heavenly Father.
We didn’t get a chance to meet with the investigator that was sick.  His name is Juan BTW.  We went by his house a couple of times this week, but nobody was home.  Missionaries in the states have it so easy, they can just pick up the phone and call before heading out.  Doesn’t quite work that way here.  We have another investigator, Alijandro, who really likes the BOM, but is having problems with his family.  Our last lesson we felt we needed to talk about temples and how families can be together forever and we testified that the gospel blesses families.  I think this has to be one of my favorite things to teach- families can be eternal.  After we finished the lesson he, like Jorge and Daniel, set up the next appointment, and even asked us if we could come over for lunch.  What a great week!  Our challenge is getting our investigators to Church though.  I don’t remember it being so difficult on my two-week mission to get people to church, but wow is it here.

Week Twenty-four 3/14/16 Tucaman

Thats so awesome about Elder and Sister Bednar!! They are Great!  Thank you mom for sharing that story about Jesus and the disciples when they were sleeping in the Garden of Gethsemane.  During my prayers my thoughts can drift.   That is something I need to work on for sure!  I especially notice it when I’m really tired.  The story about the temple was awesome to!  I miss the temple like crazy!!  A couple of weeks ago a few members of our ward traveled to the temple.  It’s pretty far and expensive to travel so members don’t go very often, like maybe once a year for some and others even longer.  We asked one sister how was the temple and it was the same thing Elder Bednar said, she couldn’t say a single word because she was so moved.  The temple is a place like no other, we are truly the closest to Heaven when we are in the temple.  I miss it so much!  I’m out of time, but I love you guys!  Keeping working hard! Kiss my puppies for me and I’ll talk to you soon!

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Week Twenty-three 3/7/16 Tucuman

Hi Guys, 
Hey we found a new investigator this week he seems golden.  He knows that church is really important, but just like Joseph Smith he doesn’t know which one to join because there are so many - Awesome!  He is asking all the right questions and accepted a baptism date quickly after we taught the restoration.  Sadly he got really sick at the end of the week and couldn’t make it to church this Sunday.  We found out from his sister that he is really sick so my comp and I are hoping it’s like what happened with Ammon and the king.  In a couple of days he’s gonna wake up and know this is the true church lol.  If that isn’t the case we are just hoping he gets better soon so we can continue teaching him.  He really has a desire to follow Christ he just doesn’t know how yet, faster we can teach him the faster he can come closer to Christ.
We just finished a transfer.  My comp and I are still together and we are really excited because we both feel like something big is coming.  Lately things haven’t gone our way with investigators, they’re not keeping their commitments. We had to drop one, we knew it was time but it never feels good.  Anyway something awesome is going to happen this next transfer, and we’re gonna find it.  
Today we woke up and decided to clean a little, well actually a lot.  The apartment was dirty before I got here and I’ve cleaned some during the transfer, but it was time to do a deep cleaning.  I remember Cameron & Justin on their missions deep cleaning their apartments, well it was time to carryon the Moore tradition.  Our apartment looks super good!  You guys would be so proud!
I’ve gotten pretty used to the rain.  It seems like I’m always wet here its either from the rain or the humidity – it’s all good lol.  That’s crazy about our tree! I miss avocados they’re pretty rare here. Matter-a-fact, I haven’t had one since I left the house.  That’s a pretty funny story about the tent!  So how long did it take you guys to set it up? I know that’s not the easiest tent to set up - its pretty big lol. It seems like we’ve had that tent forever, like when we were little.  Dad if you’ve never set it up then its probably only what 10-11 years old? 

YES, we are still working hard.  I’ve tried to reach out and talk with more people.  I’m trying to bring my comp out of his shell.  He still hesitates when I say lets talk to this person or that one, but I think he’s getting the drift – I’m gonna do it anyway so just come on.  I love you guys, keep up the great work!! Oh and I didn’t know my mission had a Facebook page!  That’s pretty cool that you saw me in all those different places.  I’ll talk to you guys soon!  Kiss my puppies for me!

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