Hey fam!
There are a lot of questions and things to say and I'm not too sure where to start lol.... So let's start with my comp. 
My comp, Elder Rojas got transferred and I'm now with Elder Baker. And yes, you guessed it, he's a gringo. He is from Wisconsin. (I don't think I've met someone from Wisconsin before.) He has almost 10 months in the mission, so he has experience and speaks well. The 20 minutes I've had with him so far it seems like we are going to get along. I was kind of thinking a gringo would come and kill me lol, and I was right. I'll send you a pic. Oh and he is 6'5'' so he's a bit taller than me. I'm pretty happy for this new comp and change. I feel it's going to help me stay focused until the very end. I don't want to get trunky, there isn't time for that, so I'm glad my comp is ready to work. 
I had my interview with president and I forgot to ask about the homecoming date ooppss.... No I'm just kidding lol. He said he will take care of it. I'm not the only one thats finishing a bit early so he has to do it for others. But as for my mission, I'm the only one finishing one week early. The others are cutting 2 and 3 weeks. I asked president if he knew of anyone else that would travel with me he said from our mission there won't be anyone. But he said that every time he has traveled to the states (and he's done it quite a bit) he has always traveled with an elder. Especially in Georgia. It's almost certain there will be more elders there. I'm not worried about traveling solo, I just worry about the fact it will be pretty boring lol. 
I got my plan today!! Man is that crazy!! I haven't started it yet but i will soon. I've already done it three times lol so I know what it's like. And it's pretty awesome! 
As for a first meal, I have not given it any thought but I imagine after 20 hours of travel we might have to pass by In-N-Out to refill the tanks lol.
To answer the question about the phone and computer. It definitely has to be Apple, no doubt there. But here in Argentina there is zero Apple. No iPhones, iPads and less Macbooks. So I have no idea what is new. I can imagine that in the last two years some new things have come out but I know nothing about it lol. So I don't know if it's possible but I would like to wait till I get back to decide, to do some research and all that good stuff. Actually the first iphone and macbook i saw in almost 2 years was the iPhone and Macbook of my new president lol. But if there isn't time send me a few pics, info, and opinions and I'll do what I can. Lol I think I answered most of the questions, I'll reread the letter but I'll let you know about my week. 
It was pretty good. Yesterday we had the primary program and a lot of people came!! A lot of less actives and family members came, it was awesome!! The primary is actually a lot bigger than I thought! It was a really good program! 
A pretty cool experience we had was when we were looking for a less active's house and we knocked on the door. We saw and heard the neighbors talking about us between themselves. I could tell it was not good things, and they were telling some rumors that aren't true. So we went to talk to them to resolve and clarify their doubts. We started talking to them and they shut us down before I could finish saying my name. We listened to what they had to say and I started to talk very calmly and ask a few questions to get to know them a bit better. Well long story short, they ended up letting us teach them, and they gave us cake and soda. I really feel that it was a miracle. Someone with their heart so closed and hard ended up opening up and gave us cake lol. Goes to show what a good attitude and a Moore smile can do lol. 
Oh also BIG NEWS! The Martinez family got baptized this week! Remember the family that we found in my last area and were super chosen. Well they were baptized!! I talked with my old comp and he said they always talk and want to know how their "gringo" is. I was super happy to know they were baptized and to know that they are still progressing!! 
I hope you guys have a great week and have lots of fun in Leo Carillo!! Take lots of pics! I hope I could answer the most of your questions! I love you guys!! Give lots of love to Chloe for me! 
Oh and just a fun fact, my new comp has a golden too! She's a little old and reminds me of Stella and Luna!