Saturday, August 13, 2016

Week Forty-Two: 7/18/16 Monterico

Hey fam,
Well first, I was able to find an orthodontist. It wasn't easy but I found one. He took a mold of my teeth and he is going to make a new retainer for me. It's not covered with the insurance we have as missionaries, so we have to pay for it. Everything costs 1200 pesos. That, if I have the right exchange rate, is about 85 dollars. It's not too cheap, but I figured it's a good investment not to come home and need braces again. He said he will try to finish it by this Friday because he has a conference in Corduba all next week. That's another part of Argentina. So if he doesn't finish it this week we have to wait till he comes back. So let's hope he finishes it this Friday!! 
But let me tell you about my area. We are literally in the middle of no where. That is not an exaggeration. The next closet area or city is about an hour ride by bus. We are not close to any other missionaries or anything. This city is ran off a tobacco factory and we are completely surrounded by fields, fields, and more fields of just nothing. My comp says that is where they farm and grow all the tobacco, but I guess we are in the off season. We don't have a supermarket like I've had in my other areas. So we go from place to place buying the things we need. We have a pretty small branch, I think we had about 20 or a little less people in the church on Sunday. We live directly above the church. I forgot to take a picture of where we live, but it's pretty nice. It is not a very wealthy area. Let's just say that in this area, it's not hard to see why Argentina is a 3rd world country. But I'm adjusting nicely. I'm trying to learn everyone's names and the streets. I'm still pretty lost, but that will come with time. 
My comp has two transfers left. He is pretty hard to describe but he doesn't have a problem working so thats nice, but he does bring up the fact that he is finishing soon quite a bit. He also has a tendency to flirt with the sisters in a way. Nothing major, but it is noticeable. So I'm keeping my eye on him. But I don't think he is going to have any problems. 
Coca is pretty popular and has been in my other areas too. We teach it as a part of the Word of Wisdom as the sixth thing we can't partake of. So there is no problem there. And also it smells terrible and completely destroys your teeth, so there are zero problems there. 
I haven't noticed anything about the Bolivians, but I never thought about that, so I'll start to pay more attention to that and let you know what I learn. 
But I'm doing good. Still working hard and learning a lot. I love you guys and hope everything is going great! I'll talk to you guys soon! Kiss the puppies for me!

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