Friday, August 12, 2016

Week Thirty-Six: 6/6/16 Tucuman

Hi guys,
So I bet you guys want to know a little more about my companion, right? I really didn't know anything about him when i heard he was going to be my new comp, and neither did anyone else that I talked to. The only information I had was that he got along pretty well with an elder who isn't the most obedient, so that made me kind of scared. But luckily I was wrong. He is a really good worker and is really focused. He has a great work ethic and he really wants to work hard. We get along really well. Usually there is a wall between new comps in the beginning because they aren't familiar with each other, but we didn't really have that problem. He wants to learn English so he can study at BYU. So if there is any spare second in the day, he is practicing his English. I'm teaching and helping him with that as he helps me with my Spanish. 
The weather here is pretty cold and wet. Luckily it hasn't rained too hard but it does drizzle a lot. It's still pretty humid, so when it's only like 50 degrees it feels way colder. But we are staying warm. 
In this area we are noticing that a lot of the recent converts don't really have a testimony or really know much about the lessons we teach. That happens when people get baptized, because they like the elders and not because they know the church is true. So when the elder they liked leaves they don't want to go to church or read anymore. For example, we went to go visit a recent convert and before we were able to clap our hands, she walked out to take the garbage out and she was smoking. I was pretty shocked. So we are finding a lot more work. We had a lesson with a recent convert, Bruno. He is the father of his family and is the only member. He is super awesome but his family is really hard. We are really trying to focus on his wife because she has taken all the lessons but just won't commit to baptism. As we were teaching her, we started to talk about the Spirit. Then she asked us a question. She never asks questions, so I was pretty excited because I knew she was paying special attention. She asked how she is supposed to feel when she gets an answer that all of this was true. We asked Bruno how he felt when he got an answer and then my comp and i shared some experiences. The Spirit was really strong and I really think that she is going to get an answer soon. So I'm pretty excited about that. 
Everything here is going great. I was talking with some elders about packages and they said that now a days sending a package to Argentina is a lot safer. No one has heard of anyone having taken stuff out of a package. I guess they changed some laws and stuff to make it a lot safer. They only sometimes open a package if there isn't a list of what's inside, to see if there are drugs or anything like that, but they don't take anything out. I hope everything is going great! I love you guys! I will talk to you soon! Kiss the puppies for me!!
PS That is how we stay warm durning studies.

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