Friday, August 12, 2016

Week Thirty-One: 5/2/16 Tucuman

Hey fam,
Ok first things first, we will be calling from our stake president's house. We are planing on going over and calling at 7:30. We aren't too sure if we, my comp and I, can call at the same time or different times. But I think we have planned that my comp will call first, then me, so that means I would be calling around 8:30 Argentina time. The calls are still only 45 minutes though. If there are any changes in plans I'll ask a member or someone to send you a message through whatsapp. So make sure that's still up and running lol but I think everything should go smoothly. Everything was planned pretty last minute because no one in our ward or that we are teaching has a computer that would work. So I was starting to stress but when we went to church we saw the stake president and his family. It worked out perfectly because they just came back from a month long vacation in the states. So everything just worked out nicely. 
This week was pretty normal. We are still working hard and we are having some really good lessons with a lot of people. Everyone loves my new comp. He is really good with people so we are able to see a lot more success in our street contacts and in forming good relationships with the members and people we are teaching. Time is really flying by now and I'm starting to realize there is my too much work to do, and we don't have enough time. 
It has gotten pretty cold here. I'm still able to stay warm though. We just got our shower fixed so now we don't have to use a bucket to wash ourselves lol. I know I didn't say that before but now you know lol. We have actually had some interesting times with our shower here. When I got here we didn't have hot water for a while, then we got that fixed but then the shower broke so we filled a bucket up with hot water from the sink and then used that. But now everything is back to normal lol just a fun little story. 
Oh yeah about my USB drive. It turns out that it's completely broken. We have no idea how it happened but every time you put it in something it heats up super hot to the point it burns to touch the metal. So that's a bummer but I'm going to buy a new one today. I just have to start from scratch again so that's not too fun. But all is good over here. I'm super excited to talk to you guys this week! I hope it all works out nicely! I love you guys! I'll talk to you soon! Kiss the puppies for me!
Oh PS I got grandma's card the other day. I haven't read it yet because we have to wait to p-day to open and read letters. But you can tell her I got it and am super grateful!

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