Saturday, August 13, 2016

Week Forty-Three: 7/25/16 Monterico

Attempt two:
I was in the middle of my letter when everything stopped working, so I refreshed the page and it deleted everything I wrote so that's a little frustrating, but what can ya do. 
This week we have been working on our contacts. Because this is a small town, everyone is super catholic and no one wants to listen to us. So it's a little hard to find new investigators by just contacting. But we are trying to find new ways to call their attention. 
The smallness of the branch doesn't really affect us too much. I was in a pretty small ward before, so its pretty familiar. But it is much smaller here and there isn't much priesthood. So we bless the sacrament every week, we are also the counselors for the branch president, and usually we give the talks most of the time because the people that have the assignments don't show up or something like that. Funny story this week, I went to put my shoes on and after I was walking around the apartment. I felt something weird in my shoe. I got worried, thinking that the inside was beginning to break. I took my shoe off to see. Turns out that it wasn't breaking, it was just a giant cockroach. So that was an interesting experience. Today we woke up at 4:30 to go to a place called Pumamarca, AKA the hill of seven colors. We went with our zone. It took about an hour to get there but it was super cool and we took a bunch of pictures. In the city, they were selling a bunch of stuff, souvenir type of things like sweaters, keychains, mate cups, hats, gloves, scarves, rings, everything. I was finally able to by some stuff. I bought a really cool sweater, a mate cup, and I was able to find a nativity for you, Mom. I have been looking for one forever and when I finally found one I bought it. It's a small one and as we were walking around just about to leave, I found a bigger one and I really wanted to buy it for you, Mom, but I didn't bring enough money. But it's pretty likely that I will go back at some point, so I will buy it then. Also if there is anything you guys want, tell me and I will get it. Everything is llama themed. I guess they are pretty popular here. Everything has a llama on it. I saw a sweet pair of shoes for girls. They are like high tops and look really cool. I would have bought them for myself if they had them in my size. But if there is anything you guys want, tell me. They sell pretty much every type of clothing with a lot of patterns and a lot of souvenirs, I don't know how to spell that word (good thing your sister-in-law fixes all your spelling mistakes for your blog). 
Oh also this week while walking, we found this big field of flowers like you guys found in Idaho. Of course we had to take some pictures. I'm going to try to send you them on the computer in the church because this computer is super slow!! 
I wasn't able to get my retainer this week so I have to wait another week. Bummer. But everything is going well here. We are trying really hard to work and baptize. But that's easier said than done. But we aren't getting discouraged. I talked with my comp a few times this week about his flirting problem. Sometimes I said something little and other times I said a bit more, but now he is doing better. He even called the sisters and apologized. So that was pretty sweet. But there is still room for improvement. But line upon line, precept upon precept. 
We have lunches everyday. Well almost everyday. But my comp worked in a restaurant before and can cook pretty well, so there is no problem there lol. We are staying warm actually we have had really nice weather this week. It's been warm in the morning and a little cool at night. Really nice weather. But I love you guys! Keep working hard and doing great things! I'll talk to you soon! Kiss the puppies for me!

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