Saturday, August 13, 2016

Week Thirty-Eight: 6/20/16 Tucuman

Hey fam!
So first of all, because I didn't get to say it last week, happy Father's Day Dad!! I know the week before your day was a little lonely but i hope Sunday was a good day! That sucks about the TV! But that's awesome you got a new one, but then it sucks again that one was already broken!! Can you take it back and replace it for a new one? That would only make sense right? But what kind of new TV did you get? The same one or a different one? 
This week was pretty good. It wasn't as cold as before so that's always nice. My comp is really trying to learn English, so in the morning he asks if I can speak English till 3:00, and then after 3:00 all Spanish. But it's really hard to speak English now. I never believed the people when they said you will start to forget English but it is so true! The first thing that leaves my mouth is Spanish now. I begin to speak or tell a story in Spanish and then my comp reminds me it's time for English, so I switch to English. But without noticing, I somehow go back to Spanish and my comp has to remind me to talk in English multiple times during the conversation. And I'm staring to forget words and phrases in english. Sometimes its frustrating like when I'm trying to teach it to my comp but sometimes it's funny lol.
But on Saturday, we had a lesson with the Bonano family. The husband, Bruno, is a recent convert and the only member in his family. His family is really hard because they never want to read or go to church. So we figured we needed to change our lessons a little. We did a small activity with them to demonstrate the principle of faith. It got the whole family involved and paying attention. At the end, we didn't invite them to go to church, we just asked who was going to go. And they all said "yo," which means "me." So we left feeling pretty good. Sunday came and we were waiting for church to start. Right as it started, Bruno walked in and sat with us but he didn't have his family. So we were kind of bummed. But about 15 or 20 minutes later, his whole family walked in. We stood up and gave them our seats and we had to go find a new row to sit in because they took the whole row. But I didn't mind that one bit. They couldn't stay for the classes but they said they liked the meeting. We meet with them tomorrow so lets hope it goes well. 
Also today we are going to teach English classes in the church. We are going to teach them today and Wednesday. We made some signs and have been putting them around the city and have been telling everyone about it. Everyone seems really excited to go. And so far a lot of people have said they will go. Last night as we were walking a lady stopped us and asked if we were really going to have the classes. We said yes and asked how she knew. She said she saw one of our signs. So we are pretty excited for tonight. We talked with the bishopric (I had to think for a while to remember that word) this week about our idea. They are all on board, we just need to find a date when they are all free. But I think it should go great. 
Also I don't know if you guys know this but Cup America (soccer tournament) is going on right now. And tomorrow, USA is going to play Argentina. People here live, eat, and breathe soccer. That isn't a joke. If USA ends up winning, that means Argentina can't play in the world finals, and that also means that the people here will not be to happy with USA. So it is highly possible that the president will say that the companionships with a gringo can leave that day to go work. So we will see what happens lol. I hope all is going well! Enjoy the summer!! Make the most of it! I love you guys and will talk to you soon! Kiss the puppies for me! 

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