Monday, February 29, 2016

Week Twenty-two 2/29/16 Tucuman

Hi Fam,
We had a great week, I’ll start right in.  We had two different splits. One with elders in our district for a day and the other with two members in the elders quorum. So because of the splits I didn’t get a chance to meet with one of our investigators. My comp got to meet with her, but I wanted to be there!  She was progressing really well at the beginning but she isn’t doing too well now, I really, really want to see what I can do to help her. 

LAURA GOT BAPTIZED!!! We invited everyone we could to be there, (really hoping our investigators would come!!), not many came as we had hoped, but there was enough that I think she felt welcomed.  She’s so cute and was just so super excited to be baptized. I remember when we started teaching this shy little girl and now she’s so comfortable with us.  She asked the bishop to baptize her, so we didn’t have too much to do, just set it up and find people to give the talks and stuff like that.  It went really well.  I’ll tell you one thing is people here want to please you.  They will say yes to your face, (yes Elder Moore we will be at the baptism) all along having no intention of going whatsoever.  Is that normal for all missionaries or just in Argentina?  I mean like not one investigator came!  SUPER FRUSTRATING!!! 

We had a broadcast this week which of course is always good!  We went to the stake center with all the other elders to see Elder Bednar.  It was super good!   He’s a stud and actually pretty funny.  You don’t see it much in general conference, but in this more relaxed setting he’s a pretty funny guy. His focus was on the importance of the Spirit in our lessons because we aren’t the teachers - the Spirit is!  He of course taught us how to do this by example, the Spirit was strong, the principles he taught were simple truths and his testimony was powerful.  It was a good shot in the arm!
Again sorry about the lack of pictures, it takes forever to upload a picture with these computers and I only have so much time allotted to write.  We have a great zone!!  Tucuman has two zones and today we all got together, paid 50 pesos each and the zone leaders went and bought a whole bunch of food and drinks, we had a huge bbq. and while the food was cooking we played soccer… like 3 hours straight of soccer!  I played hard, got absolutely fried (sorry Mom) and ate a ton.  I’m beat, but it was an awesome pday! 

My comp and I are really trying to work hard.  I think we can talk more with people in the streets, and it came to me that I need to be the one to move forward on this.  I mentioned our area is pretty big so it takes a good amount of time to travel to and from our appointments.  I think we just need to plan a bit better.  I know I only have two years to dedicate my entire life to the Lord.  On judgment day I do not want to be asked why I didn’t work harder on my mission – not good!  So trust me mom, we are working!

My Spanish is progressing nicely, I can pretty much understand everything.  Well I take that back there are times when I’m a little confused, but everyone says my Spanish is really good for only having 5 months in the mission.  I still take time to study my Spanish and I think I will for a while maybe my whole mission.  I have noticed me focusing on the people and the work a lot more now that I’m not so stressed on figuring out what the heck everyone is saying!  So yeah for personal study and companionship study - if I have a question or an investigator has a question, or if I think need to work on something with the language I will focus on that and try to learn or improve upon it. I love my study time, never thought you’d hear me say that huh? 

We are doing service!  We actually had two different service opportunities this week.  First we helped an elderly sister patch some holes in her roof to stop from water coming in (we actually do that quite a lot here).  We swap the sheet metal out for real roof material, I can easily be a roofer when I get home – I do it that much.  We also cleaned the church, which we also do often, I love a clean building.

I’m super glad everything went great with the shower and Harper is going to church?  Keep up the awesome work!  I love you guys I’ll talk to you soon! Kiss my puppies for me!


Tucaman Zone


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