Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week Fifteen 1/11/2016 Salta

Hi guys,
Man that’s crazy and stinks that you had to wait in the airport for soooo long!  I would have been bored out of my mind, literally!  Airports aren’t a very fun place to spent lots of time in, especially at night!  Hey look at it this way it’s a pretty funny story to tell people later lol.  (Our flight was cancelled due to fog in Idaho Falls)

That’s awesome that everything went good for the reception in Idaho and that snow looks awesome!  I laughed when I read that Katie thought snow fell in little balls, yep they’re flakes Katie– snowflakes!  I'm pretty sure that’s one thing I won’t get much of here. It’s pretty warm - it is South America lol!  That’s awesome that Hailey and Kendal made the dance team!!  It’s pretty funny that both Cameron and Justin’s wives are both dancers. Does that mean I need to find a dancer when I get back or what? This is some new rule for the Moore boys?  OK, time for the CA reception, I guess now the work begins for you guys at home.  I’ll be thinking of you!  Mom, I know everything is gonna turn out great!   

This week seemed to go faster than the rest and we had some interesting experiences.  One day, I can’t remember which right now, but there was this huge rainstorm.  It started out calm just before we left our apartment and I thought it would end in like ten minutes, but I was wrong. Remember about that last storm I told you about and how I thought it was big, well this one made the old look like child’s play. It was raining so hard and there was so much water that umbrellas couldn’t touch it. The water was going through the umbrella and the wind was blowing the water every which way so it was impossible to stay dry. The streets flooded so fast and they were like actual rivers.  IT WAS AWESOME!  A little water wasn’t gonna to stop us!  We had an appointment on the farthest part of our area so we had a lot of walking to do and that was ok. I didn’t make it very far before I was completely soaked. And this time the rivers were up to our knees and sometimes a little higher.  The house we needed to get to was up the river, it was literally two steps forward one step back - the water was so strong, but we made it!  Wet and cold for the rest of the night, but not complaining its nothing compared to Rexburg!

We had an appointment with one of our investigators this week. She is having a problem believing the Book of Mormon it true so that was our focus of the lesson. My comp was talking with her trying to figure out why she was having a problem, then I felt impressed to ask what have you actually read in the Book of Mormon. She said she’s been reading, but this time I took Justin’s advise and I was just really direct and straightforward.  It turns out she had only read the intro. I then began to testify and talk to her about actually reading the book, the intro is good, but to help her gain a testimony, she needs to get in there and read the it. I could really feel the Spirit helping me with what to say and this was one of those times where I can’t really remember what I said.  I know that the Spirit was really strong and that she felt it too.  After I finished talking my comp began to talk about the power of the Spirit.  He used me as an example and said not too long ago my comp could barely speak or read Spanish but now through the help of the Spirit he just talked and bore testimony in perfect Spanish, everything he said made sense (did you hear that? Perfect Spanish!). I know that I could not have said what I said without the help of the spirit, there is no way. I just remember talking and saying stuff, not really knowing what I was saying. But that’s because I wasn’t the one talking, I was just the mouth peace. That was a really cool experience and it really strengthened my testimony of the importance of the Spirit in our lessons.  I loved it!

On a lighter and funnier note. After I wrote you guys last week I went and got a haircut. I didn’t have very high expectations going into it but I wish they were a little lower, because it’s not good. I want to be nice but it’s also the truth when say it’s probably the worst haircut I've HAD. But its okay my hair grows fast and people here don’t care too much about hair so its all-good lol!.

I love you guys and I hope everything goes smoothly with the reception. I know you guys can do it.  We are Moores we can do anything!! I love you, kiss my puppies fore me!! P.S. - sorry about the not sending any pics lately I just haven’t taken very many but ill try to take some good ones for you guys this week!

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