Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week Seventeen 1/25/2016 Salta

Hey Fam,
So first things first I was transferred and my comp is staying HERE. That was a pretty big shock but the mission is full of surprises! I'm now in Tucuman, it was about a 4-hour bus ride here.  Looking out the window on my way I only saw beautiful green fields and trees. My new comp is Elder Hogge. He is from West Jordan Utah and has about 16 months in the mission. We have only been to together for like an hour now so I don’t know too much about him other than he’s quite.  Its a lot more humid here than Salta and my comp says that today is a cool day. I'm not looking forward to a hot day – its hot here! I really don’t know anything about our area so I will be sure to let you know more about it next week.

We had a baptism this week! The day of the baptism everything was normal.  She asked if I would do the baptizing so I was pretty excited but nervous and I’ve been reciting the baptism prayer over and over so I wouldn’t mess up.  We went to the church about 30 min before the baptism started to help set things up. When we got there members were setting things up and the font was about full. My comp and I went to turn off the water. While I was turning off the water I was unaware that my comp was pushing buttons above me thinking he was turning off the water.  The water shut off and we didn’t think anything else about it.  15 min passed and a member asked why the font was almost empty. The buttons my comp was pushing opened the drain for the font, not we know where the drain is.  It wasn’t too big of a deal, we thought.   We turned the water back on and thought it would just start the baptism 10 min late. But when we turned on the water there was no water, because the church uses tanks for its water and they were completely drained. A member turned on a pump for the tanks but it was super slow. There was no way we could have a baptism that day with the pace the water was going. We had no idea what to do, but I was determined to have this baptism.  Satan was not going to win this battle.  I grabbed my comp and we each took 2 buckets and ran to the closest members house, which was about a block away. We filled up the buckets and we brought them back to the church. We made about 4 or 5 trips before there was enough water in the font. We were pretty tired, but we had the baptism. I did the baptism and my comp did the confirmation in church the next day. It was pretty awesome. It’s a really good feeling to help someone come closer to Christ through baptism. I was super happy after the baptism but also pretty tired lol! Other than the baptism and the transfer not much happened this week, but you know I’ll have lots more info for you guys next week.

Oh and also I sent two letters this week on Friday.  I don’t know how long it takes so we will find out. Thank you for sending the package! I think it takes about a month to send a package but we will find out loll. I love you guys!  Kiss my puppies for me!  Ill talk to you soon!

Daniela January 23, 2016

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