Monday, February 22, 2016

Week Twenty-one 2/22/16 Tucuman

Hi guys -
So first things first, I didn’t know that Mikah was planning on a mission?!?!  That’s awesome – Germany, Austria, Switzerland - WOW!!  She and I will probably finish around the same time.  Cody’s having another baby? Is that the purpose of the shower? If so that’s awesome!  Ok apparently you’ve been slacking on keeping me up to date on what’s goin on at home! 

I got your package the day of our conference.  I’m not sure if it was opened, but it was wrapped in some plastic wrap stuff.  I know it wasn’t you guys because it had Argentina written all over it, but yes I got everything, the watches, Ensigns, post-its, tie, candy, and Christ dvd.  They are awesome!  Thank you!!  

I’m super happy that the dogs and you guys had a great time at the dog beach! Cannot believe a dog peeing on Theo!!  Poor guy – no you’re not a pansy, you just turned the other cheek, right buddy!  What the heck! 

We didn’t get a chance to teach or talk with the daughter of Bruno because she has a crazy work schedule.  We have an appointment with them today so hopefully she’ll be there.  No I wasn’t able to see the puppies.  We went to their house and of course I asked if I could see them, they were in another room, and they told me no! Apparently the mom is a very protective pitbull…. I thought it wise not to poke the bear lol.  

This week wasn’t as hot, but it had its moments - last week was killer.  One day, last week, I think it was Tuesday we got a call from the zone leaders and they said that we were going on splits, but they were going to be a little different. My comp was with one of the assistance and I was with one of the zone leaders.  Elder Philpot, from Utah I think, was my comp and he’s been out for about 20 months. We worked in part of our area where we don’t have a lot going on so it was mostly looking for new investigators or less actives that haven’t been to church in years.  Most weren’t home, but we were still able to have some success.  I was able to learn quite a bit from him, and tomorrow we have another split but this one is normal, with the other elders in our district.  We re going to have a baptism this Saturday!  She is nine years old, her mom is less active and I don’t think the dad is in the picture.  It’s really the grandma that’s active and wants her granddaughter to be baptized.  We got permission from the mom so we are going to baptize her this Sat.  It was pretty fun teaching a nine year old to be honest.  We drew pictures and had a lot of examples, cookies for the law of tithing, and things like that to keep a nine year old interested lol. 

Oh and I’m pretty sure that I’m going to have a different pres for the last six months of my mission.  I love you guys!  Keep up the great work!  Kiss my puppies for me!  Talk to you soon!  Love you!!

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