Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week Sixteen 1/18/16 Salta

Hello Hello,
Man it sounds like you guys had another great week with the reception, the proposal and everything!! Its great to know that everything is going “fantastically” back at home!!  It’s crazy that when I get back I'm going to have two new sisters and maybe I’ll be an uncle.  I was talking with my comp about Justin and Cam getting married, he said there’s a strong possibility I might be an uncle when I get back.  2 years for 2 married MORMON couples is a long time without kids lol!  I think it would actually be pretty cool to come back to a niece or nephew.  If so, remember I am the favorite Uncle!  But man I'm just so happy that everything went so great back at home cause I was praying that it would!
This week was pretty good for me too. We have this one investigator Daniela and she is progressing super good! She lived with her boyfriend who is a non-member but after we taught her the law of chastity she moved in with her dad. She had a problem with drinking and after we taught her the word of wisdom she stopped. She has a really strong testimony and she really wants to get baptized. So that’s exactly what we are going to do. She is going to get baptized this Saturday! I know I’ve said that we are going to have a baptism many times, but this time its legit. She hasn’t picked who she wants to baptize her but I think its most likely going to be her boyfriend cause he is now active again and he has the priesthood. (Yeah, I know you are all thinking exactly what I’m thinking… he just said that her boyfriend is a non-member… maybe its a different one?  Typo? Not sure.)  I’m super excited for this Saturday. Its my first baptism!  It’s been an awesome experience to watch her progress and her testimony grow.
Also something that happened that was a little out of the ordinary.  A few of the new elders in my zone and myself had to leave our areas at like 9:30 at night and go to the office. We had to spend the night in the house of the office elders and in the morning, like 5 o’clock in the morning, we had to go to this place and sign some papers to make us legal here in Argentina. It was pretty random and it took forever!  I literally had to sign my name twice and that took about 5 hours.  Not fun, but at least I'm legal now lol!  No much else happened this week.  I did find out that you can send normal letters. You don’t have to do the pouch thing; you can just send a letter to the office, through normal US postal service. The same with those bigger yellowish kind of envelops to - good to know.

Also we have transfers next week and it’s more than likely my comp or I will to be transferred.  IDK if it’s different in other missions but here transfers take the entire pday so we cant do anything and that includes write or buying food. We have permission to buy food on Tuesdays after the transfers but no time to write. So if I don’t write next week know that either my comp or I got transferred and I’ll fill you all in next week.  I hope that everything continues to go great back at home! I love you guys and kiss my puppies for me!!

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