Monday, February 22, 2016

Week Twenty 2/15/16 Tucuman

Hi family,
Ok you’re right I’m slacking on answering your questions lately.  I’ll try to get as many answers in as I can.  Tucumán is a lot like Salta. There really isn’t anything I’ve noticed different other than the elders and the members say, and I'm sorry about this mom I know you aren’t going to like this, Tucumán is known for being more on the dangerous side. They’re a few stories of robberies going around, but I feel our area is pretty safe and my comp says it’s probably the safest area in Tucumán and not to worry.  All is good here!

I got an email from the office and they said the package is here. Cannot believe it!!  We have a meeting with the president Thursdays and the assistants always bring the packages so I’m pretty excited!! If it didn’t come this week I probably wouldn’t have gotten it till March, the next time the APs are out this way.  My comp and I talk in Spanish the whole time, but every once in awhile we do say things in English.  They’re mostly just jokes, because some things are just funnier in English!

I’m so glad that everyone and the puppies are doing great!  The puppies defiantly look happy and that’s what I love to see and hear!!  Mom you asked about pdays, we usually play soccer as a zone, but for some reason not today.  Everything im my area is going great!  We had some trouble finding new investigators this week, but we are going to improve on that.  We spent most of the time with our current investigators.  One of our families’ dog just had puppies on Thursday.  We haven’t had a chance to see them yet because they had to reschedule a few times, but we have an appointment TOMORROW.  I’m super excited to see the puppies.  I’ll be sure to take some pictures for you guys.

The heat this week was nuts!! I don’t think I've experienced heat and humidity like this before, and this even tops Virginia!  We had a lunch appointment with a member and they had air-conditioning, I opened the door to leave and I kid you not, it felt like the human torch punched me in the face!  (You can Google the human torch mom and dad, if you don’t know who he is lol.)  I "jokingly" turned around and walked back in the house, but honestly I didn’t want to leave.  Saturday it rained and it cooled things down a little bit.  That’s crazy about the 80 some degree weather you guys are getting back home!

We are teaching the wife of a recent convert.  She took the lessons the same time as her husband, but she didn’t get baptized with him.  For me she is super hard to teach because no matter how much we emphasize the importance of reading and praying or anything for that matter - she never does it and its frustrating.  Our last lesson with them was Saturday and her husband, Bruno, said that his daughter has been reading the BOM and wrote down a lot of questions.  I made a joke to my comp afterwards and said with the amount of times we have stressed the importance of reading its no wonder someone actually decided to do it, it wasn’t who we intended it for, but at least someone got the message.  I’m pretty excited for this week’s lesson with them, I feel we’re going to see some progress! Not much else happened this week, just the HEAT lol.

I love you guys and ill talk to you soon! Kiss my puppies for me!!!

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