Thursday, June 1, 2017

Week Eighty-Five: Salta

Hey fam!
So I am super tired right now lol, we literally just got down from that big hill and I am dead. We took a different route and I don't think it was better, but on the good side there were hardly any spiders. The first time there was way too many but I think they all left for the cold or something, I really have no idea. One elder brought an American flag so we took advantage of that lol. I'll send some pictures. 
This week we did go to that area that is super far away. Everything went good, it's just a lot of time out of our area but we are the closest zone leaders, so it's more efficient for us to go. 
Yesterday the mom of a family we are teaching went to church. I think I told you about them, they were a reference from a member without a good direction. We have been teaching them and they have been reading. They just say it's hard for them to go to church, but the mom went so we are pretty happy about that! I'm sure she will help the rest of her family come to church! They are called the Martinez family by the way. About the less active that came to our house, it's actually a investigator. He is doing really well. We are teaching him and his girlfriend, Vanessa. Actually we always talk to and teach Vanessa more than Pablo because he's pretty hard to find. But they are super converted to the gospel. The only thing that is impeding them from getting baptized is that they aren't married and there are a lot of legal things and background stories that makes that process a little hard. But they recently put a picture of the temple on their fridge to make it a constant reminder of their greatest goal. 
About my b-day, it's like last year. I'm not too excited to be older lol but it's not as bad as going from 19 to 20. 20 to 21 is a little easier lol I don't know if that makes sense. Oh to answer your question, the key indicators are the "numbers" we write down for the lesson and everything. Like how many lesson we taught, or how many went to church on Sunday, stuff like that. There was just a change recently and President wanted us clarify some stuff and explain it better. 
I think that's about it for my week, not too much happened. I love you guys and hope you have a great week! Give lots of love and kisses to Chloe for me!!! 

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