Monday, May 29, 2017

Week Eighty-Four: Salta

Hey fam!
Man, it was so awesome to talk with you guys yesterday! Man that was some fast 45 minutes lol, but it was awesome! It's so good to know that everything is going so good back at home! And it looks like the wedding was awesome as well! The pictures that I got sent look amazing! Conner and Krista look super happy! I don't know Krista at all but they look good together! 
To answer your question about the conference, we ate something called milanesa napolitana. It's a thin peace of meat or chicken covered in breadcrumbs and fried with a tomato sauce, another type of meat, kind of a slice of bologna, and melted cheese on top, served with rice and french fries. It wasn't the healthiest but it's super common here. It was the same food we had at the two conferences we had Friday. They are organized so that the president, us, the zone leaders, and the sister training leaders all talk and teach stuff. I conducted and talked a little about the key indicators. The topics come from the president according to the needs of the mission and we help teach them. 
The pictures are of our zone and then the leadership meeting we had after. I never talked to the president about being a district leader but we will see lol. I love you guys so much! Have a great week! Talk to you soon! Give lots of love to Chloe for me!

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