Monday, May 29, 2017

Week Eighty-Three: Salta

Hey family! 
It sounds like everyone is doing good back at home! Everything here is going good! We had the conference with the zone leaders this week. All the zone leaders live super far so they all come Thursday night and sleep in the house of the office elders. Since we live close we never need to go, but in the morning everyone woke up super early to go play soccer. I had never gone because I've only been in this area. So we went Thursday night and played soccer in the morning like at 5. I was super dead for the conference. It was pretty hard to not fall asleep. I think it was the same for everyone because everyone was yawning the whole time lol. But the conference was really good. I made a mistake though, my mission president finishes next transfer, not this one, oops lol. 
About calling on Sunday, 2:30 sounds good. I have all the info and the pictures. (Good idea with the pics) so I don't think there will be any problems! It's crazy that this is our last call of my mission, huh?! Crazy how fast time flies right?! 
This Saturday night we had some appointments fall through and we were thinking of what we could do. We had received a reference earlier in the week but we didn't have a good direction. They just told us it's almost at the end of the block. We were close so we decided to look for it. The first house we stopped at greeted us at the fence. After presenting ourselves, we asked if we could talk with the family inside the house. He said he was basically super Catholic but said he would ask his wife what she thought. He walked back in the house and his wife walked out. I was almost sure she was going to turn us down. But she came to the fence, opened the door, and said to come in. We sat inside and began to talk with them and it was a really good lesson. They paid really good attention and understood everything. They were so sincere when they listened. You could tell they were interested in what we were teaching and not just listening to a lesson. We have another appointment with them today and I'm pretty excited about it! 
But everything here is going good. This week we are going to the area super far away where we got stuck for three days. We don't want to go this week but we have to because the elder that got transferred accidentally took the phone with him to his new area. We got it from his zone leaders and now we have to give it back. We also have our zone conference this Friday so we cannot get stuck there for three days again! That would not be good lol. But I hope you all have a great week! I love you guys! Talk to you soon! Give lots of love to my baby girl for me!!

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