Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Week Eighty-Two: Salta

Hey fam!
About transfers, nothing happened to me so I am staying here with my comp. So all is well. I'm really glad to hear that you guys are doing good. I definitely felt your prayers and I was able to focus and have a good week. 
(Just a side note) I just got an email from the offices and they are already planning on buying my airline ticket. I just have to tell them which is my airport. I have three weeks to reply but just to be sure it's Ontario right? I don't want to get sent to Canada or something lol but that's crazy right?! 
About Mother's Day, are we going to use Google Hangouts or Skype? 
For this week everything was pretty chill. I think this was our first week where we didn't have to go to some other area or something like that so it was pretty relaxed and we had more time to work in our area which is always nice. This is President Chaparro's last transfer and then our new president comes. We have our meeting with all the zone leaders this Friday so we will see if we get some more info or if he does something special. 
Nothing too much happened this week so I think this is going to be as shorter letter but I want to thank you guys for all the prayers because I was really able to feel them. It is another testimony builder that our Heavenly Father does love us and listens to our prayers. 
Actually there is a good story I can share lol. We have been teaching the neighbor of an active family recently. Well, really just the mom and her 9-year-old son. We passed by and the mom wasn't there but her oldest daughter was, Palmela. She is about 25 or so and was willing to listen to us. We talked with her and had the mom and son of the active family to accompany us. We quickly learned that she doesn't believe in God and we quickly had to change our teaching method. It was an interesting lesson but we definitely left her thinking. She recently had a baby so I focused a bit on that, how the love a mom or parent has for her son or daughter isn't something that you can describe. It's so hard to describe because it doesn't come from humans, it's a lot more than that, it's divine. We talked a bit on that and she was intrigued to learn more. So I'll let you know more about her progress. 
I love you guys and hope you have a great week! Be strong and give my baby girl lots of love for me! Love you guys! Talk to you soon!

Picture is of an elder that got pretty sick, so we took a picture while he was sleeping lol.

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