Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Week Eighty-Nine: Almirante Brown

Hey fam! 
Sounds like everyone had a great week and I'm super happy to hear that Dad had a great Father's Day! Everything is going good here. The area is pretty big but I think I'm picking up pretty fast. Things with my comp are good, it's just that in lessons he doesn't talk. When he does talk he says like three sentences and that's about it. So we are working on talking more and talking with confidence. The apartment is really nice, I like it a lot! By far the best shower I've had yet! It's clean, has a good water heater, it has enough water pressure to actually reach my back and not just fall on my head, and it has a shower head and it's not just a stream! So I'm enjoying that lol. The apartment building isn't even a year old and when it opened the mission bought a room right away. So everything is clean and new still. In the ward there are a lot of returned missionaries and they are helping the ward a lot which is really nice. We have about 80 people that assist every week so it's not bad. It looks like the elders before were doing a lot of reactivation because we don't have many investigators. So we are looking for some more. 
We had some interesting experiences this week. President Chaparro's first counselor, President Samudio, lives in our area and we had lunch with him on Friday. For the last few years he has been fighting a tough battle with cancer and just the day before he had chemo therapy and had no energy. So they gave us the food to eat in out apartment, which was no problem. When we walked in the house he was there to greet us but then went back to bed and we talked with his wife while she was finishing the food. He came back out a little later and asked for a blessing of comfort. He said that once he laid down he felt the spirit tell him that he should ask for a blessing. He had received various blessings of health but felt that he needed one of comfort. And then he asked if I would do it. I was of course happy to do it but I was nervous. It is pretty intimidating giving a blessing to someone that has so much experience in the church. So in the short walk from the seat where I was sitting to where I'd be standing behind him, I said a very quick prayer asking for guidance. I asked for his full name and then began. I closed the blessing and looked at his wife who was standing in front of him, then I looked at him. His face was in his hands and he was crying. He thanked me for the blessing and said that I spoke for the Lord and that it was exactly what he needed to hear. I was extremely grateful for the guidance I received to give him that blessing. 
Everything with my district is going good. They are a good workers. Two missionaries are really new and still have some trouble speaking. So I have to talk slow and use easier words. I know what it's like not understanding or being ale to say what you want, so I'm trying to help them. But all in all everything is going good here! I can't complain! I love you guys and hope you have a great week! Give lots of love to Chloe for me!!

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