Monday, October 31, 2016

Week Fifty-Seven: Jujuy

Hey fam!
Man, it sounds like you had a great weekend and week!! I have been laughing and smilling at all of the pictures and videos. I'm pretty sure that everyone here thinks I'm really weird lol. But that's okay!! Disneyland, Flemings, museum, pier, and the whole family (well almost lol)! Man, thats a lot of fun!! I hope you don't get tired of those things because we are going to have to do it again when I get back!! 
We were able to have a pretty good week. On Sunday we had five investigators come to church! I was pretty happy! Usually one or two max have come since I've been here and some old papers of information say that 1 or 2 is the norm here. So we were pretty happy to see five come to church and see them take the steps necessary for progress. We are seeing progression!! We have an investigator that we can only teach one day a week because of his work. He always has really good questions because he really knows how to listen and he wants to learn more. This week he was telling us how the Jehovah's Witnesses passed by and he let them talk with him. When he said that I got pretty nervous. He then said that he listened to what they had to say and he had a question for them. He said when he asked it they didn't have a direct answer and they didn't have too much confidence answering it either. He asked us the same question he asked them. (He asked the question before he told us the story.) After we answered the question he said, "That is why I like talking to you guys. You always have a good answer for everything and you talk with such confidence. I have talked with a lot of people from many other churches but I have never seen them talk with the same amout of confidence that you have. How do you have such confidence in what you are saying?" We then testified that we know what we teach is true because we have received an answer directly from God that it is the truth. For me personally, I have been able to feel the spirit so strong countless times before and especially during the mission and I know, no doubt, that what I teach is true. There is no way I can doubt or deny what I have felt or what I know to be true. So that's why I talk and teach with confidence because, I have no doubts. I have no questions. I teach and testify about the Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and all the other lessons with the same amount of confidence as when I teach and testify that 2+2=4. Back to the story. When we finished the lesson, we still taught the lesson we had planed, the Word of Wisdom. He said that this was his favorite lesson he had. That goes to show that testimonies and confidence really make a big difference. 
On the funnier side, the mission office pays for our apartment with the water and power, but we think they forgot to pay because our power got cut today. And our water heater broke earlier this week. So we dont have hot water either. And our fridge broke. Well actually the fridge broke a little more than a month ago. But we are just now getting it fixed. Lol but there are no complants, they are all learning experiences and all smiles here!! 
Dad, I wrote you a letter but I missed the first window to send it so it's probably going to get there a little late. I'm sorry! But HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I love you guys and I'll talk to you soon! Kiss the puppies for me! 
PS the package didn't come. I've heard that Argentina doesn't want us to have packages. I have no idea why. But they said if I want the package I would prabably need to go to Salta to get it. But I'll let you know more info.
-Elder Moore

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