Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Week Fifty-Five: Jujuy/Monterico (Don't really know what the area actually is)

Hey fam!
Man it sounds like you guys had a lot of fun this week!! I can't even remember the last time I went to the zoo lol. That email I forwarded is the only info we have on packages. Everyone that receives a package has to pay a little but it's never a lot. I don't know why we have to pay but it's never a problem. 
This week it was pretty warm. The heat is coming but at least Jujuy is a lot cooler than Tucuman was. That was a heat that I can't forget lol. Yeah the studies are longer while training. It's kind of killing me because I want to get out and work, but I understand the importance of the extra studies so I make the best of it. While talking with a sister in my district I realized that their animos (I can't remember what that word is in English so ask Justin lol) weren't super high. So I changed the topic I had planned to talk about to helping them raise their animo. I talked about where I got my animo from and how they can find theirs and how they can be happy in the face of rejection and trials. I thought it went pretty well. 
My comp is doing well and is learning a lot. His family was baptized when he was 8 but after that he was less active for the majority of his life until like 2 years ago, so he doesn't understand all the doctrine just yet. This week we talked a lot about the Plan of Salvation and I was helping him understand it all. Also we were talking about where the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price came from and what they are. Also it turns out that my comp doesn't know how to speak in Usted. he only knows Tu. (Ask Justin what that means and why its important.) So basically I am teaching him to speak in proper Spanish lol. It's kind of weird teaching a latin how to speak Spanish. 
We have been working pretty hard this week but our diligence was tested. We talked with a lot of people but not a lot would listen. But the few that would listen to us seem really good. 
Dane and I are staying in contact but not a lot. Every now and then we write each other and see how things are going.
I think that's about it for my week, nothing really too interesting happened this week. But I'm so glad that you guys are having a lot of fun back at home!! Everything here is going great and I'm learning a lot! Kiss the puppies for me!! I'll talk to you guys soon! Love you!!

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