Monday, November 7, 2016

Week Fifty-Eight: Jujuy

Hey fam!
Sounds like you guys had a great week! Dad's bday, the puppies' bday, and 25 years of marriage!  I was only able to go the LA temple once before the mission but I for sure want to go again with the family! I bet that was an awesome experience seeing the sealing room where our eternal family was started! Recently we have been teaching a little more about temples. Teaching and studying about temples just makes me want to go to the temple so bad! And I definitely want to keep my goal and visit as many different temples as possible. I'm up to 8 different temples, but there are 150 in the world so there is a lot of room for improvement lol. 
To answer a few questions, we have power now and a fridge! Our water heater is fixed, but now for some reason there is zero cold water so the only water we have comes out super hot so we are still bathing with pots of water we heat on the stove. It's actually not as bad as you think. When we didn't have power, bathing wasn't too bad either because there is a hole in the roof in our bathroom so we were able to bathe with light lol. We have no idea why but the last couple of weeks our water has been dropping from the ceiling in the church under our apartment. It's actually pretty bad. There is water everywhere and the paint is peeling off and it's not too pretty. Everyone thinks that we are the problem because we are the ones that live above, but we have been using little to nothing of water recently. Also the paint is peeling off in some parts of our apartment too. Some people came to look at it and they came to the conclusion that a pipe must have broke in the wall or under the bathtub. So they have to break everything to fix it. Remember that everything is cement here... So we will see how it goes lol. I'm not saying this as a form of complaining, just as information. Still no complaints here lol, all is fantastic! 
As for the packages I still have zero information but I'll try to learn something this week. 
I was definitely able to feel your fast this week becayse we saw some miracles happen on Sunday! An investigator that we haven't taught in a long time came to church. We haven't taught her because she is almost impossible to get a hold of and she lives on a farm. (When someone says they live on a farm it is almost impossible to find them. There are hundreds and hundreds of farms here. All Monterrico is farm. So that is why we can never go to her house to teach, she has to come to us. And I'm sure you can imagine that's easier said than done.) But when she came, we talked with her and she said she has been reading the Book of Mormon and wants to keep listening to us. We have an appointment today so we will see how it goes! Also another miracle happened on Sunday. We were in priesthood when the father of a part member family randomly walks in out of no where. He sits down and just listens for a little. most of the members know him because his wife goes to church. Then out of no where he stops the class and while crying he asked us, the missionaries, and the rest of the priesthood for help. He is an alcoholic and he really wants to improve his life. We attacked that opportunity as fast as we could. We set an appointment and talked with him, trying to motivate him. And we are going to have a lot of help from the members with him so we are pretty excited! 
To Hailey and Cameron, I'm sorry about the English. It's actually worse than I thought lol. We had a zone training meeting on Friday and one of the new elders got really sick in the middle of it. At the end, he asked for a blessing. Me being the only elder in the zone that speaks English, one of the sisters suggested that I give the blessing and that I should do it in English so that he could understand all of it. So I gave it in English, well at least I tried. Lol I had to pause and think quite a bit to just try an remember some words in English, like health, comfort, priesthood, example, Atonement, and more. It was not the prettiest blessing. And everyone said that my English is really bad lol. You guys will probably see it when we talk for Christmas lol. 
I think that's about it for my week! But I love you guys! I'll talk to you soon! And kiss my puppies for me! But kiss both Chloe and Theo 9 times for me because "I'm nine years old!" 

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