Monday, November 21, 2016

Week Sixty: Jujuy

Hey fam!
The time really seems to be flying by! I feel like with being a trainer and district leader my mind is always thinking of the people we are teaching, the sisters in my district, or my comp. You really don't have time to think about anything else and when you are always thinking about other people and not just yourself. You really do get lost in this work and the time just flies by! The weeks and days go so fast now, it's nuts! The time went fast before but now it's even faster. 
It's crazy that Logan is getting married. Man, everyone is getting married or going on a mission lol I like it! Everyone is taking important steps towards our Father in Heaven and eternal life! 
Thinking a little more about the car and looking at the pics, I like the name Duke. It seems fitting lol. But if you think of a better name I'm all game for it! 
Thanksgiving isn't a thing here, you guys already know. But my comp and I are talking about what we are going to do. I think we are going to buy sandwiches but we will see lol.I was thinking about the Christmas call, and I realized that no investigator or member has ac computer. Well, actually one investigator has one but I'm pretty sure its older than I am lol. But a member does have a camera for a computer (I don't know why he has it since he doesn't have a computer lol) so we are going to borrow it and use the computer in the church. I guess thats what the missionaries always had to do here. 
Moterrico is a humble place. We have to wake up really early and go to the Centro. We have to do some type of paper work and registration to be able to get packages so I don't mind. I guess the new president here changed some things and said that the mission can only take out packages 5 times a year. But our mission president worked some magic and made it where every missionary can take out a package five times a year. So that's why we have to do some individual paper work. I still don't know too much about it but if I learn more I'll let you know! 
This week was pretty good. We were able to teach a good amount of people. But I think the biggest thing that happened was in our apartment. My comp and I get along well but there have been a few bumps. 
Jorge is doing really good. He came to church and hasn't had a drink in two weeks now! He really wants to improve his life and it's a privilege to help one of the Lord's lost sheep come back to the fold. 
I don't have the plans yet of when we are going to talk but I'm thinking about it. But if you guys can find out the time difference, that will help. I can't remember if it's 3 or 4 hours. But I think that's about it for my week! Everything is still going great! I love you guys! I'll talk to you soon! Kiss the puppies for me!

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