Friday, September 2, 2016

Week Forty-Eight: Monterico

Hey fam!
So we had a pretty good week. Update with family Chavez: We were only able to visit them once this week but it was a pretty good lesson. We taught the importance of reading the scriptures and praying. As we were finishing up the lesson while my comp was talking, a question came to my mind. I was a little hesitant to ask because I knew how they would respond. It was a simple question, it was if they wanted to know if these things are true and if they really wanted to know if this was the church of Christ. I was thinking they would respond how they had before, saying that they were born and raised Catholics and how they don't have a desire to change. But I was wrong. After asking the question they said yes, that they really did want to know if all of this was true. I was pretty happy because I could see their hearts being softened and I saw a change in them. They are still pretty hesitant to accept a date of baptism, so we have to take things slow with them but they are progressing! 
We had service opportunities twice this week. The first was helping an older man move a huge pile of bricks. It was pretty funny, the bricks we were moving were pretty big and he is a pretty old man but he still wanted to help. It reminded me of dad when he broke his neck and couldn't work but would still try. We would be moving two or three bricks at a time and put them in another location, and then he would come up grab a brick and struggle to move it to the other location. We would take the brick from him and tell him that he could rest, and that we can do it. But 2 minutes later he's doing the same thing. It was pretty funny. The other service project we did was help a sister in the ward weed the front and sides of her house. There were a lot of weeds and all she had was an old machete and a hoe with a short tree branch for a handle. It would take forever with just those two things. But then she said she had a weed whacker. My comp was pretty hesitant to use it but I wasn't! It turns out it was a small electric Black and Decker weed whacker. But it was better than the machete so I took it with open arms. It held true to its name Black and Decker, because after an hour of use it started to smoke because it over heated. Luckily it started smoking just as we were finishing. Not the best brand but it got the job done. 
That's pretty much it for our week. Oh actually one of the young men (actually the only one) brought his girlfriend to church last week. We have been trying to teach her but she never could until yesterday after church. We taught the first lesson and she accepted to be baptized the 10th of September. More proof of how important members are in missionary work! All is going well here! I love you guys! I'll talk to you soon! Kiss the puppies for me!!

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