Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week Fifty-One: Monterico

Hey fam!
This week was a pretty normal week. Because we dropped family Chavez, we have been looking and looking to find new investigators this week. We were able to find a couple but not as much as we wanted. Because Monterrico is super small we have already contacted the majority of the houses and everyone knows the missionaries or at least the church. That could be a good and bad thing because there are a lot of people that hear things in their own church about the Mormons and they aren't usually good things. So we get quite a few doors slammed in our faces before we can even say "hola como esta." But the faith and diligence has not been lost at all. We have decided to change a few things so that no matter what the person is like we will not leave until we have taught the truth. It's more of a direct approach but it's working pretty well. There are a lot of people that are too hard hearted and they need to know that we are messengers called of God here to testify of a message that will them bring eternal life. And if that takes being a little more direct and persistent with the people, that's what I'll do. Don't worry, we aren't doing anything crazy or being mean. Nothing like that. You guys know I'm not much of a mean or overbearing person. We are teaching with confidence and authority so everyone that we talk with know who we are and what the Church of Jesus Christ is.  
This Sunday the stake president came to our branch. He didn't talk about the situation of not having a president but he said that this branch isn't going to close. It was very close to closing because its so small and has very few active members. He then talked about what needs to be done to strengthen this branch. After he spoke he gave the time to us, the missionaries, and we announced the plan we made to help this branch. The plan is that every member that was there on Sunday will think of one less active member in specific and invite them to General Conference and to Stake Conference (the week after). Then we invited them to do the same with a non member friend. We said that we will be visiting everyone that was present and make a list of who they are going to invite so we can go together to visit or help invite them. We shared our testimonies after that. What we said and what the stake president said really seemed to motivate the branch. So we feel pretty good for the future of this branch. After church ended, we talked with as many people as we could to set appointments and stuff like that. So we will see how it all goes. We are hoping that the meeting was able to light a fire under the members and get them motivated to share the gospel. After church, people were asking us for Books of Mormon that they could give to their friends. 
I know my year mark is this week but I don't really want to think about it. In the beginning of my mission it seemed so far away, but now that it's here I don't even want to think about it. Everyday I'm realizing how much work there is to do here and frankly there is just not enough time. I'm trying to use every moment I have to think of the people we are teaching and how I can improve in helping them even more. I'm trying not to think about the time I have because really there isn't a lot of it. Even though I'm trying to focus on what's going on here, I also want to help out back at home. 
So on Saturday I was having troubles falling asleep, so I let myself think about the car situation and I came up with a conclusion. You guys know that I know a few things about cars, so I was thinking about not just the options you said but also all the others. And my conclusion is the GMC Acadia. I chose this car for many reasons. It's bigger than a Crossover but also smaller than a full size SUV. The bigness has a lot of advantages: 1. It has more seats to make youth trips easier 2. The back seats completely fold up for truck space to make shopping and catering easier 3. It has a higher crash test rating so its safer (and we all know thats pretty necessary with Mom's car history, sorry Mom, love you) 4. It comes standard with a tow hitch to make trailer towing possible which will make catering and camping a lot easier. 5. With this type of model a TV is available to make long distance drives more comfortable and enjoyable. 6. An option for a 4x4 is available to make small camping trips or dirt trails worry free. 7. And because its small than an SUV that means it only has a V6. So the MPG is pretty high and pretty close if not equal to the Crossover. 8. Also it's a very nice looking car. A car I like to call a windows down car. That means you purposely roll the windows down so people can see you drive it. Also there are a lot more options and additions available to the benefit to the Moore family.  9. And the last thing I came up with is the fact that its a GMC. The same brand as the legendary, beloved, and cherished by not only the Moore family but all that have been in it, Yukon or more commonly know as Gavin. These are some things I was able to come up with before falling asleep on Saturday. I believe the GMC Acadia would be a great car and is worthy to hold the name of the Moore family's new car. I hope this helps. I love you guys and I will talk to you soon. Kiss the puppies for me!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Note: All facts were taken from past research and experiences with similar models. Further research may be needed to actualize said facts. 

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