Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Week Fifty-Two (ONE YEAR!): Monterico

Hey fam!
So as you know, I completed a year this last week. I didn't do too much mostly because I was in the area of the zone leaders on splits, but when I got back to my area I tried burning a tie to mark one year. But those things don't burn! I'm sure it was just that type of material but it didn't want to burn it just melted. The tradition here is to burn a shirt at your year mark but I've taken pretty good care of my shirts and none of them have any problems and I didn't want to burn a perfectly good shirt. So I changed the rules a little bit but it didn't really work out too well lol. 
We have been talking with the brother that is in charge of our branch to organize things for conference. We are going to watch it in our building. I don't remember if I told you but we don't have a church building. The church rents a house out and we have sacrament meeting in the first floor and we, the missionaries, live on the second floor. But it's not like anyone can just walk up the stairs and be in our house. You have to walk outside and them open a door with a key then you can walk up the stairs to get to where we live. But as I was saying, we are going to hook the TV to the computer so the members can watch it in the "church" and don't have to travel super far to the stake center. Here conference starts at 1-3 then 5-7 and priesthood starts at 9 at night. Since we only have one computer the option to watch it in english doesn't exist. But my Spanish has improved since the last conference so I should be able to understand more. But the magazine would be awesome when it comes. 
Also I don't know if you already sent the package or not but if you haven't, don't send it yet. We got an email from the office saying to tell our parents to not send packages because they are fixing some things. But if you already sent it I'm sure there won't be a problem. 
We have been working with the members trying to get them more involved in missionary work and help strengthen the branch. But it seems like it's easier for them to talk about doing things rather than actually doing them. So we are still trying to get them motivated. 
This week we had a really cool experience. In this area we have to travel a lot by taxi to get to other little towns and farms to find and teach people. Recently the same taxi driver has been taking us where we need to go. To call a taxi you just wait on the side of the road with your hand out and wait till someone stops. Anyone can be a taxi driver here. The only thing you need is a car. So there are quite a few of them... the fact that the same driver has picked us up so many times is VERY uncommon. Once we noticed this we began to talk more with him and find out more about his life and stuff like that and he has become a good friend of ours. This week while contacting in a small town and we found a small family. Just the mom, niece, and son were there and they let us into teach them. While talking with them we learned more about them and learned that the father is a taxi driver. Because there are a lot of taxi drivers I didn't think anything of it. We taught the family and they were super receptive and really liked what we had to say. When we went back for the second time our friend the taxi driver just so happened to pick us up again. My comp then thought to ask more about his family. We asked how many kids he had and stuff like that. Still nothing had clicked yet, until my comp asked what his wife's name was. Then things clicked. My comp told him that we were actually on our way to go teach his family. The taxi driver then dropped us off at his house, which doesn't ever happen because the taxis just drop you of in front of the town and you have to walk in yourself. But he not only entered the town for us but dropped us off at his front door. He then walked in, called his wife and kids so they could listen to us. He couldn't stay because he had to keep woking. But I couldn't help but notice the hand of God in this experience. It truly was a miracle. We are going back tomorrow so I will let you know about the progress. 
This is the last week of the transfer and also the last week of my comp's mission. I'm trying to keep him focused and not get too trunky. But since we started together he has improved quite a bit. This week he thanked me and said he was really grateful that he could be with me and that I was his last companion. 
I think that's it for this week! Keep looking at the Acadia! I love you guys! Kiss my puppies for me!!! After watching that video I don't think that will be a problem!! Lol I'll talk to you soon!

PS, can missionaries enter a college campus to teach there in the states? There aren't any colleges here so I don't really have any idea. If so let me know and I will let Chase know that he should listen to them.

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