Friday, September 9, 2016

Week Forty-Nine: Monterico

Hey Fam!
This week has been pretty weird with the weather. It started out pretty warm and then out of no where it got super cold. Right now its pretty cold and my fingers are pretty cold so typing isn't too easy lol. 
This week my comp had a meeting in Salta. He left Thursday in the evening, so I went to another area for that time. I was with another gringo from California that just finished his training. The day started out warm so I was just wearing a long sleeve white shirt, but when the sun went down the temp dropped a lot. I was already in the other area so I had to borrow one of his comp's jackets. His comp is pretty small so the jacket didn't really fit too well. But I was desperate so it worked lol. 
Besides being in another area and the crazy weather, not much happened this week. Today we had another activity as a zone and also with another zone in Jujuy. There are a couple of Mexicans so we made tacos. They don't have all the ingredients necessary but we used what we had and they turned out pretty good. It took a long time to cook. I'm really not too sure why we were there in the stake center so long. So we don't have time to send pictures but next week I'll send some. 
Our branch president was released this Sunday. The first counselor of the stake said that the branch will be ran by the stake. I don't really know how that's going to work but we'll see. 
We are teaching a couple of people who have a lot of interest. We taught a family, family Arrayan, this week and they had a lot of questions. Some were simple and others were a little more in depth. Like it started out with "what does 'elder' mean" and finished with topics on gay marriage and stuff like that. They weren't trying to find faults with the church, they were just curious. They asked all types of questions about gays, transvestites, and things of that nature. My comp stayed quiet most of the time because he was looking for a scripture. and while he was looking I was talking. I was pretty nervous that I would say something that would offend them, but I put my trust in God and said what came to my mind. I don't remember what I said or how I answered the questions, but when I finished they were satisfied with the answers and my comp closed his scriptures because he said that I basically explained the scripture that he wanted to share. The next day, Sunday, the wife came to church! Even with the cold! The husband had to work but the wife came! And she was the one with the most doubts and questions. I was and am really grateful for the divine help we had in that lesson! It's pretty hard to get people to come to church here so we were pretty happy! 
We are still working with the Chavez family (I forgot that's how you say it in English). They are progressing little by little. The baptism we have planned this week we are going to move to next week. We still need to teach a few things and we think it would be best for her to push the date back. 
That's awesome about Martha's baptism!! That's a lot of support! I didn't know that Justin was going to have surgery this week. Sounds like it wasn't too fun but he's in pretty good hands! Love that video of Theo!! Love that guy!! 
I think that's it for this week, I love you guys! I'll talk to you soon! Kiss the puppies for me! 

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