Monday, September 12, 2016

Week Fifty: Monterico

Hey fam!
That's crazy that Dalton is leaving already. I remember thinking in the beginning of my mission that he and Devin would be leaving when I was about at my year mark, and it seemed so far away. But now it's just around the corner. Crazy how time flies! 
Not too much happened this week. But we had to drop family Chavez. We went by in the beginning of the week and they still hadn't prayed to know if this is the true church. We then changed the lesson plan to talking about why they kept listening to us and what they expected from our visits. We left them with the commitment to pray, if they should continue to receive us. We came by one day later, and they said that they talked as a family and that it would be too hard to change churches. We knew we had to drop them because it just wasn't their time. We must have explained the Apostasy and the Restoration more than 6 times in different ways so that they could understand, but they just couldn't. We did all that we could, it just isn't the right time for them yet. When we left their house I was pretty bummed after dropping them, but as I was thinking about them and the situation I felt a peaceful feeling come over me saying that we did the right thing. They are good people and they like listening to us but they just can't comprehend what we are telling them. I think that was the biggest thing that happened this week. 
We have a member (high priest) from another ward in the stake in charge of our branch for now. He isn't the branch president but he is just watching over things for now. We don't know how long he will be here, neither does he, but he is really helping the branch and its leaders. This week he went with us to visit some members and some investigators. He was a big help! Usually when we have a member present they just sit there until we get them involved, but he was sharing his testimony and everything without us having to ask. 
The weather is now warming up. It's been pretty warm the last few days. I don't want summer to come yet. I know what's in store and it's not going to be too fun! Our apartment is really nice but we don't have any fans or air conditioning, so I'm not looking forward to the heat. 
That's a bummer about the Fusion, but if it's acting up now with so little miles, the future doesn't look too promising. So I agree trading it in is the best choice. I don't know too much about the Edge or the Terrain. I never really looked too much into crossovers. But I know they are good looking cars and I've heard good things about them. I'm leaning more for American made, like Ford or GMC. Also I don't know if it's in the running, but the GMC Acadia is a nice car as well. It's really pretty. Send me pictures and info about the top picks. But I trust you guys to pick the best car. It sounds like the decision has to be made pretty quick if the Fusion has been in the shop for two weeks now. Let me know! Oh and yes I am able to focus more in my studies. There is no problem there anymore. About the package, I was thinking about a Michael Buble christmas CD because it's not too far away. And the movie 17 Miracles and Meet the Mormons. They are the only two movies we can watch in the mission. But that's all that came to mind for now. I love you guys, I'll talk to you soon!! Kiss the puppies for me! Oh I loved the video of them wrestling!!!!

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