Monday, October 19, 2015

Week One 9-30-2015

Hey guys!
At the beginning of the week my comp and I were always getting lost. Everything looks the same so its very hard to find your way around - we got the hang of it now. The food has it's good and bad days. Sometimes it can be really good and sometimes its not at all, but they have lots of options so i just find something else to eat.

I found out that the missionaries are not singing in Conference – that’s a bummer, but I still joined the choir. The director is so cool! He's funny and spiritual at the same time. He’s always making jokes and he knows how to have a fun time, but he also gives a background story for all the songs we sing and he can really bring the Spirit. There is a lot more class time then I thought there would be. It’s not like we have Spanish class and then we go to a mission training class. It’s all mission training and the teacher only speaks Spanish so you have to pay real close attention or you will miss a lot. We don't understand a lot so she is constantly repeating herself until we can figure out what she’s saying – we’re getting better. My teacher is really cool and she has a great personality so its really easy to get along with her.

For gym I either play basketball or volleyball. I’m not very good at basketball so I pretty much just go play volleyball. Oh on the first day they gave us a Bank of America debit card. I’m not really sure what its for. Its not activated, at least I don't think it is. A lot of the missionaries in our zone left today or yesterday so a couple of days ago we got together as a zone after class, but before bed, and we just had a big zone testimony meeting. Pretty much just the missionaries that were leaving bore their testimonies but it was still really cool. Dad, Cameron, and Justin might appreciate this more but everything is super Mickey mouse!! The buildings are all pretty old except for the gym In the older buildings you can tell what has been replaced because none of it is done correctly. In our room alone there are about four junction boxes with espoused live wirer. I know that they are exposed and live because none of the covers fit and my roommate accidentally touched it and got shocked. I don’t know who the maintenance man is here but they might need to find a new one.

I’ve seen more of Dane since my last email. We actually found out we have class in the same building, building 8m 307 btw, but he is on the opposite side of the building. He has to walk by my room to get to the bathroom so we see each other quite a bit now. I haven’t seen Sister Moon, but now you can tell her where I am.

This morning we went to the temple. This marks the 8th temple I’ve been to. That’s a pretty cool thing to say. After the session my comp and I got lost trying to find the locker room. That’s a confusing temple! I got the package on Monday and I love all the candy and snacks! The package probably would have come sooner but there is no mail on Sundays. We cant listen to any music in the mtc. idk why but its just a rule they have. So I’ll have to save the i pod and speaker for the field.

I’m not really homesick anymore. The first couple of days I was but not so much anymore - which is good. Studying has become a lot easier here! One thing I was worried about because I never had the motivation to study at home, but here its completely different. I’ve never wanted to read the scriptures as bad as I do now. You guys know me, I don’t like reading, but I get so much more out of it now. It’s really awesome! That’s awesome about Br. Scott being called to be the Bishop! We all pretty much saw that coming lol!! I wish I was there to see it and be there for Connor’s homecoming but I think I have a pretty good excuse. I’m writing this in the laundry room and I just realized I put the detergent in the fabric softener port. We will see how clean they get. I hoped I answered your questions. I love you guys! I’ll talk to you soon Kiss my puppies for me!!!!

OH, I forgot to congratulate you mom on your first time teaching seminary. That was a good idea to bring treats and that’s awesome that everyone stays awake.  I’ve never been to a normal seminary class so I don’t know if that’s normal, but for zero period that’s not normal.  Seminary has a bigger effect on your day then you think.  Without it your day just doesn’t feel right.  You have a lot bigger effect on them then you know.  Dad that’s awesome that your talking to people and answering peoples questions about the church.  Keep up the good work!!  Love you guys!!! talk to you soon!

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