Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Week Seventy-Four: Salta

Hey fam! 
Sounds like everyone is doing awesome! Man, how were you guys able to pull all that off?! Katie and Merrily together, Dylan and I together, all in a great spot and in the same ward?! That's awesome! You guys are kicking some major butt! It's going to be a quick change but the mission teaches you to get used to it. And if everyone says it's for the best, then even better. 
As for me this week, Jorge was ale to get baptized! We weren't able to get permission from the parents of Sebastian but we have been talking with the mom and we are pretty sure that he will be able to get baptized soon! Jorge was super excited and was running around hugging everyone after it. Lol it was pretty funny. 
This Saturday we have another baptism planned for Fabina Villafaña. She has progressed super fast, I think we started teaching her at the beginning of this transfer. We have been teaching the whole family, but as of right now she has been the only one that has gone to church. The reason her and her family are progressing is because about one week and a couple of days after we started teaching them, Ciro (sounds like zero), the grandson of Fabiana and the son of Lucas, was shot in the legs in a drive by. He only is four years old. It was really hard for the whole family, but with some help they were able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and find their faith and hope in the Savior. One of the greatest miracles is that even though he was hit four times, no bullets hit his bones or anything important. He is almost completely healed and is not going to have any problem walking again. Even though it's most likely the Fabiana will be baptized, I think I have seen the most progress in her son Lucas. He is about 25 years old and was not with the right group of people. We have seen him change his life in such a short amount of time. It is incredible. It's so true that the trials and hard times in our lives, if we allow them to, can be consecrated and help us come closer to the Savior and improve our lives.
Micaela and Camila are really close to getting baptized! The dad still says no but he's lighting up! 
Mario was the talk of the church yesterday. He bore his testimony and it was incredible! He has changed so much and is progressing so fast. His mom also gave her testimony and she said that she never thought she would ever seen her son as a member of the church, but now that he is, she can't hold in all the joy and happiness she feels. Everyone is super proud of him and we are too!

The pictures are of some Catholic churches in the city of Salta. One is of what the city or center of Salta looks like. Everything is going great here. 6 months to sexy has officially stared! My comp and I bought some protein and pre work out. Don't worry, the stuff we bought was imported from the states. 
I hope everyone has another great week! Thank you so much for everything! I love you! Kiss the puppies for me! 

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