Friday, March 17, 2017

Week Seventy-Five: Salta

Hey fam!
Man, it sounds like this week was a success back at home! 
This week Fabiana was able to get baptized! Now we are focusing on the rest of the family. Actually Fabiana's parents and sister are active members and go to the other ward that shares the church building with us. So that was also a big help. We are still working with Micaela and Camila. They want to get baptized but can't for now and that's a huge bummer! 
This week was pretty good for us. Nothing too special happened but yesterday was a pretty good day. Well actually the story started on Wednesday. We had a member accompany us for the afternoon and he said that there is a less active member that we should visit. She is a returned missionary but became inactive after the mission. Her name is Romina. We passed by but we could only set a return appointment for Sunday. Sunday came around and we went on splits so I was with a member and my comp in another part of the area. We went to go visit Romina and I was actually pretty nervous, I had never taught a less active returned missionary before. I thought maybe she had a huge doubt/question/problem with the church and that I wouldn't know how to help her, but we went with faith. We started the lesson and I just started to ask some simple questions to get to know her. She is the only member in her family of 11 but she loved her mission. She said the thing she loved most was being able to serve other people and when she got home from her mission that just kind of stopped. She had zero support after her mission to keep going to the church and she just fell away. I was really trying to listen and not think of what I should say, and as I did that the Spirit was able to work a lot more effectively. After she was done talking I took a small moment to think and then the Spirit guided me to ask just one more question. It was a very simple question and it doesn't seem profound but it was just what she needed to hear. The question was, "When was the last time you served yourself?" After the question was presented, the Spirit was really strong everyone felt it. No one said anything for maybe three or four minutes. She just thought more and more about it until she started to cry while thinking about it. Her answer was as simple as the question, "I don't know." I knew then what she needed and what we could do to help. She was so focused on helping others that she forgot all about herself and what she needed, so she started to fade away. We cannot help other people if we ourselves are not strong. She said she was just accepted to be a firefighter and I used that as an analogy. Firefighters have to be strong to break down doors, open cars, and carry heavy hoses and people. If a firefighter is weak, he can't do what's necessary to help and save people. We ourselves have to be strong, we have to be immoveable, we have to have that firm foundation that is our savior Jesus Christ. (Helaman 5:12) We told her that we need her, her family needs her, and the Lord needs her to be strong and come back to the church. I was really thankful for the Spirit that was felt in that lesson. I learned a powerful lesson that day and I know she and the young man that was accompanying me got something out of it too. Without the Spirit I know that lesson would not have been the same. 
As for the return date, what I've heard is that we leave Tuesday in the morning for the flight, and then we get home in the morning Wednesday. But we still have some time so we´ll see is something changes. But all is going well! This is the last week of this transfer so it's possible that when you hear from me next I'll have a new comp. 
I love you guys! I hope you have a great week! Talk to you soon! Kiss the puppies for me!!

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