Monday, December 28, 2015

Week Thirteen 12/28/2015 Salta

Hi Fam,
Man it was awesome to be able to talk to you guys and to know that everything is going good back at home! Its crazy to think that Justin’s getting married in just a matter of days and that Cameron is getting engaged soon.  It definitely sounds like you guys are staying busy and having lots of fun, which is what I like to hear!

Really don’t worry about the package, I’m fine lol!  From what I've heard from the other missionaries it takes about 2 months till missionaries can get it in their hands, about a month for it to get to the office, and the zone leaders only go to the office once a month before a zone conference, and they pickup all the packages for the zone.

The heat isn’t crazy bad here compared to other areas in our mission, so I’ve heard, but you can definitely feel it.  It’s not really humid.  It’s pretty much like California, but Argentina’s weather is pretty weird.  It could be super hot one day and the next pouring rain and then the next day it would be super hot again.

My comp finished Skyping a little after me, we talked and thanked the family and we went to our next appointment.  Apparently no one is home during Christmas, everyone is at some party and the only people on the streets are super drunk so we didn’t have too much success that night.  That’s all right, that’s all part of the mission right? you have some good days and you have some not so good days. 

Last night was pretty cool we were meeting with a less active and during this huge lighting storm started not too far away from us.  We couldn’t even hear the thunder but we could see the lighting just fine and it was AWESOME! I took a video of it but I think it’s too long to send, I can barely send two pictures in the same email lol.

Tomorrow we have a district meeting and after we are going on splits, but here’s the kicker I'm staying in my area, my comp is leaving and my comp for the day is a brand new missionary, he’s only been here for like 2 week. WHAT????  idk why they’re paring the two new elders together, we will see how it goes!!!!!  

Oh and my white elephant gift that I bought the sweet wooden armadillo, and this little lama made out of real lama fur, I thought they were pretty awesome!  Yes I’ve gotten sister nelsons’ emails, please tell her thank you for me!  It sounds like you guys have a pretty busy week this week lol!   Be sure to have as much fun as possible, I hope everything goes well and Justin & Kendall are happy beyond measure!  I know I need to focus on the work here, but I have to say its gonna be pretty darn hard not to think of you guys on Saturday.  My heart is pulled, I know this is where I need to be - I love you guys! kiss my puppies for me! Oh and yes I did get the little video, and it was awesome Keep em coming!!  Love my puppies! I’ll talk to you guys soon!

Elder Moore

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