Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week Eleven 12-14-2015 Salta

Hey guys!! 
So to start off we can Skype, which is awesome, but we are only allowed 40 minutes, which isn’t so awesome. I was hoping for at least an hour.  I mean we get to Skype for 40 mins. in 11 days!!!!  We can call on either the 24 or the 25. I'm assuming the 25 would be better. We have a family in our ward that is going to let us use their computers and they said that the time doesn’t matter to them. I’m not 100 percent sure but I think the difference between here and home is 5 hours. The plan is to call between 6 and 7 so that’s about 1 or 2 for you guys.  I don’t remember much about Skype or what username we used with Justin, so Cam and Justin you guys gotta figure it out or make a new one. To make things easier someone should download the app "whatsapp"and give me the number or username next week.  It’s an online messenger that everyone uses here. Since it’s an online messenger app it’s free to text between countries, if there are problems or last minute changes we can communicate through the members phone. I think that’s it for calling, if I missed something be sure to make that known next week.
About the rain, its just weird here. It could be super hot then start raining for like 5 or 10 minutes and then stop. There is really no warning for it, but it’s mostly like Cali rain its nothing major, except for last week.  
We have a zone meeting on the 23 with the president. We were all told to buy a present for a white elephant exchange.  So that should be pretty fun.  I know how American’s do white elephant, I’m excited to see how the rest of the world does it. 
I've been looking really hard for some nativities, I haven’t found anything that really stood out to me.   I'm still looking; only the best for you guys!
We weren’t able to get the rat out. The trap we have sucks! Last Monday we heard it close by so we went to check on it, we moved some stuff around and we found TWO!!! They’re really fast and ran to another location. After chasing it for a while we were able to get one of them out.  At least our rats at home stay in the garage! 
I’m glad ED went well and that Katie did great. I hope the take down was easy and not too crazy. I wish I were there to help, but I know you guys can handle it - you guys can do everything!  
We are working which is good, but Latinos love to talk and talk and my comp is one of them. So it’s hard to keep our appointments short.  I'm working on it with my comp, Cam I know this would drive you nuts!  
Please don’t worry about the package. I'm totally fine. My district leader is from Utah and he’s gotten some packages. I've talked to him a little about it. He said you have to be like a drug dealer and hide the important things in other stuff. I’ll see if I can get his mom’s email or something so you guys can talk and get some tips.
I forget which day it was, but our appointment fell through so we started contacting, we came across this huge field with this little house in the middle of it. We decided to go contact that house. The field was covered with all sorts of animals. When we got to the house we found a guy saddling up his horse. We talked to him for a little bit, and he was interested about our message so he brought out some chair and we had a lesson in the middle of this huge field. idk what it is about teaching in the middle of a huge field, but man it’s a lot more fun than the inside a house lol.  We haven’t been back to see him yet but we will this week because he seemed pretty interested and it was pretty fun.  
I have a question, is mate bad for your teeth? I'm assuming yes because no one has teeth here!!!!  Teeth are good, I wanna keep mine!  I've had it once and it wasn’t bad it was actually pretty good. There are two types of mate here, the original way with just the leaves and stuff and you need the special straw to drink it and the other way is in the form of tea bags. As missionaries we can only have the tea bag kind.  I don’t want to drink it if it’s bad for my teeth.  The only people to ask around here are people with no teeth, well and my companion and he doesn’t know. 
Well ill talk to you guys soon, literally!!!!  Eleven Days!!  I love you and keep up the awesome work!  And kiss my puppies for me!!

Elder Moore

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