Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Week Nine 11-30-2015 Salta

Hello everyone,

So we didn’t have the baptism this week. Our investigators just seemed to drop off the face of the earth.  They don’t have phones so the only way to communicate with them is if we go to their house and you just never know if they’ll be there.  Even if you make an appt. it doesn’t mean they’ll be there.  I think it’s more of a cultural thing than a noninterest in the Church kinda thing.  Basically we were only able to meet with them once this week and that’s not enough to get them ready for baptism.  That was a bummer, but we did find some new investigators and they seem really interested, so hopefully we can get them to baptism real soon!! 

Studying is going good! We do have A LOT of time to study. For personal study I mostly just read the Book of Mormon and a little of PMG, but I really like reading the Book of Mormon its a lot more interesting and I'm able to get so much more out of it now that I’m a missionary. It’s awesome!

I kind of forgot it was Thanksgiving - there’s nothing here to remind me of it, so no worries about me being homesick!  That night my comp and I bought this big sandwich and we ate it in our apartment before we went to bed to celebrate Thanksgiving.

We did have some pretty cool experiences this week, here’s one. We were walking to an appointment when this drunken guy stopped us. There are a lot of drunks here and its not unusual for them to come up and talk to you. We normally just ignore them and walk by and that’s that, but this guy wouldn’t let us by.  I was getting nervous and looked to my comp to take the lead, but I could tell he was struggling to get out of this situation as well.   Then some guy on a motorcycle came up and started talking to the drunk. I didn’t get much of what he said but I did hear him say that these guys talk about the word of God. Then as he talked he looked at us and gave us a signal to go and get out. This guy saw that he was bothering us and decided to help us out. After I asked my comp who was that and he had no idea, It wasn’t a member or anything. This was one of God’s tender mercies. Idk if God takes special care of his missionaries or that I'm just more able to see the hand of God in my life now, but I sure have experienced a lot of tender mercies in my short two months out. 

On Sunday after church we went back to our apartment to study. I was reading the book of Mormon and I kinda dozed off. My comp knocked me out of it when he asked, did you feel that? Apparently there was an earthquake. It was nothing major, but I was just bummed I missed it.  I brought a bit of California to Argentina and I wasn’t even awake to appreciate it!

So I don’t know if the package thing is still on, you guys mentioned it last week but not this week. If so I thought of some stuff, I would like those Ensigns that I send home back, I wish I hadn’t sent them in the first place. Floss or those little floss toothpick things, plastic tabs for marking pages and stuff - they are impossible to find here for some reason and when you do they are a lot of money, a cheap watch, the watch I have now is great but I've herd that it wont last very long in other areas, its a little too nice, its fine for where I'm at now but I just want something a little less nice. One or two of dads pens, I really like those, and there are these videos of Jesus’ life on and they look like they took clips out from a movie, (idk if they are from a movie), but if it is that would be pretty awesome to have. If the package thing is off or if you can’t send a couple of things its no big deal.

Oh yeah I forgot I gave a blessing this week. We were at ward council (we have it at night during the week) and one of the brethern came up to us asking if we would give him a blessing, I thought for sure he would pick my comp – nope he picked me. ARE YOU KIDDING!!  I got pretty nervous, and my Spanish was struggling, my comp noticed I wasn’t doing so hot so he whispered one word to me “English”.  I started to speak in English and then it was good!  I felt free, I was truly able to say what I wanted to say and not only what Spanish words I knew.  The spirit was really strong!!  I was wondering if he felt the same because most of it was in English and he doesn’t speak English, but when he stood up he was crying and I knew that he felt that same spirit.  Great experience for me!  Cannot wait till I can say what I want to say in Spanish!

Well I’ll talk to you guys more next week! I love you! Keep up the great work. Kiss the puppies for me!!

Thanksgiving Dinner, it was actually really good!

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