Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Week Eight 11-23-2015 Salta

HI Fam,
So to start off these computers are meant for Spanish so everything I write, the computer says is wrong even if it’s spelled right.  I’m trying to write as fast as possible so I don’t worry about punctuation or spelling that much lol.  I'm actually glad you correct my letters because I only have an hour to read all my emails, respond, and write to the president.  No time for corrections.

I've been drinking a lot more water in my apartment now, and we pretty much only get juice or soda in members or investigators homes, but I haven’t had any problems with the water yet. I have an old juice cartoon that I just fill with water and I drink from that throughout the day. Stop worrying Mom!

Our teaching pool is good. I think we are about half and half with investigators and less active members. We had three going to be baptized this week but two are a little unsure as of right now, but we are working with them to get them ready. Our day is pretty much just like every other missionary except that after lunch our mission president says that’s when we should have comp study because in Argentina they have siestas where everything is closed and no one is on the roads.

Yes, laundry it's done in this bucket type thing. You fill it with water, put detergent and your clothes in it and then it just slowly rotates back and forth. We just let it sit for awhile then we rinse them off in the shower and let them dry. It’s not too bad!

The homesickness has been better this week. It doesn’t come very often anymore and when it or if it does its not very strong, It’s definitely improving!

This week I had some pretty interesting stories. We were teaching a lesson and my comp asked me to talk and share a scripture about caridad (charity) but I herd castidad (chastity) so I started to talk about chastity. And from there on out our lesson plan was changed. After we left my comp told me what I did, and I just started to laugh - that’s pretty funny!!  Also during comp study we were role-playing about asking good questions. I started off just asking basic questions about his life. (He was playing the role of a 16 year old in high school) so I asked how is your third year of high school going. But the word for third and the word for booty are very similar. So I asked how is your booty in school doing. That was also pretty funny! But now I know the word for booty lol.

On Tuesday I went on my first split. I was with the district leader Elder Sandberg. We had an appointment but it fell through so we started to contact people. We contacted this one guy from Texas who SPOKE ENGLISH!! I was so excided to speak English that I didn’t really let my comp say anything. (He was from Utah so he spoke English too) I talked the whole time and I thought it actually went really well. After I was super happy because I was able to communicate and have a conversation with someone. My comp then told me that was actually really good. You crushed that contact. I don’t remember what I said because the Spirit was directing me what to say. After that it really motivated me to work harder on Spanish so I can do that with everyone I talk to.  I have so much I want to say, I know that what I have to say can truly bless their lives, but I have trouble converting it into Spanish.  I’m working on it. Members are saying my Spanish is improving, but I just wish it would go faster!

We had an opportunity to do some service this week. We had to cut down this tree in one of our investigators yards.  When we got there she had an axe, hatchet, and two machetes. But the head of the axe was held on by a hope and a prayer so we decided it would be best not to use it.  The hatchet was duller than the smooth side of a spoon so that was no good. We were left with the two machetes and I’m pretty sure one was just and old cooking knife. The tree we had to cut down had about 16-inch diameter trunk. Cutting that thing with machetes got old real fast, but we did it. Now I can say I cut a tree down with a machete!

Not much else happened this week, but I’m starting to see the Lord’s hand throughout my day. During lessons when its my turn to talk I kind of don’t really know what’s going on because everyone talks so fast but I know the topic so I just bare testimony of what we are teaching. I don’t really know what to say at first, but then the Spirit comes and helps me. I can feel the Spirit helping me with what to say and also with my Spanish. And I can tell from their faces that they feel the Spirit too. Pres. Monson said that there is a universal language that everyone can speak and that is the language of the Spirit. As long as we have the Spirit anything is possible. I can testify to that. It has helped me so many times since I’ve been here.

I love you guys so much! I'm so glad to know that everything is going good back home! Kiss the puppies for me!! Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll talk to you soon!


Elder Moore
Some pics of my area

You can see the city from my area - looks legit!

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