Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week Sixty-Nine: Salta

Hey fam!
So first things first, Geronimo was able to get baptized! He was super excited and it was a really good service. It started pretty late but once it started everything went nice. The ward mission leader was directing the service and he gave Geronimo time to share his testimony after the the ordinance. He wasn't scared or anything and he gave a really good testimony. He understands quite a bit for a nine year old lol. Mario is still progressing really well and is ready for his baptism this Saturday! Every time we talk, he always brings it up and explains how excited he is which is fantastic! We have been teaching him with his mom present, but we noticed that it isn't helping his relationship with the members of the ward, so we have been talking as a companionship and with his mom about who could be a good friend for him. We have a few options and we are going to try to have them present in the lessons with the hope that that he'll choose that member to baptize him. We also have two other investigators that are getting ready to get baptized next week, Micaela and Camila. They're sisters. One is 18 and the other is 15. So we are working with them as of right now and there haven't been any problems, so everything is going really nice with them. Also this week, Rodrigo had an interview with the bishop and next week he will receive the priesthood. We have been talking a lot about the priesthood with him and he is super excited. We gave him a white shirt and two ties so he is super ready for this Sunday! 
On Sunday we went to a members house for lunch. We were sitting at the table when I saw something that caught my eye. They had a small oven thing on the counter cooking our lunch. It was the head of a pig!! Literally the pig's head completely intact and everything! It was pretty interesting to say the least lol. Luckily that wasn't the only thing for lunch, it was more of a side dish really. The father took it out of the oven, took it by the mouth and ripped the bottom jaw out. Then he grabbed it by the nose and ripped all the skin off at once. That was a sight to see. He then gave us some of the meat. It wasn't too bad actually, just the thought of eating its face made it a bit weird to eat. Then he took the eyes out and opened the skull to eat the brain. I was pretty "full" at that point so I didn't eat the eyes or brain. But my comp ate the brain and said it was like a gross paste. So I didn't miss out on the pig brain. But for the record, pig face isn't bad it's just the fact that you're eating its face that gets you lol. 
About the transmission (not sure if that's the word Andrew meant), it was really good! Elder Oaks was presiding with Elder Ballard, Elder Anderson, Elder Nielson (from the 70), Sister Bonnie Oscarson (general young women's president) and Elder Stevenson (managing director of the missionary department). So it was super awesome!! They started out talking about the doctrine of Christ, why it's so important, and how every principle is linked to the other. But the big talk of the transmission is the changes that were made. They made some big changes in the schedule. It wasn't too big for us because our president had to change some stuff already with the original. So the new schedule didn't effect us too much but the big changes were in the key indicators. Now the only key indicators are baptisms, baptism dates, progressing investigators, and new investigators! And the area 70 here said that an investigator only needs to assist the church 2 times instead of 3 to get baptized. So there have been a few changes to say the least. The work is speeding up!! 
But everything is going great here! The work is going real good! I hope everyone has a good week! I love you all! I'll talk to you soon! Kiss the puppies for me!

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