Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week Seventy-Two: Salta

Hey fam!
Man, it sounds like you guys had a great week in Utah and everything! This week we have been focusing in on Micaela so she could get baptized. She was and is ready but her parents aren't on board. She is 18 and can get baptized without permission, but she still wants her parents to support her in this decision. Her parents don't feel like she is ready and they didn't want her to get baptized this week so she didn't. So that was a bit of a bummer, but it's better that all the family is on board so we'll wait. I'll keep you updated on how thats going. 
Jorge, Angel, and Rodrigo got the priesthood yesterday after church so next week they are going to bless and pass the sacrament. We were riding our bikes past Jorge's house yesterday to get to an appointment and we saw him talking with someone. We stopped to talk with Jorge and to get to know this person. He was talking with a teenager, his neighbor, so Jorge introduced him and said, "These missionaries are going to stop by to teach you this Wednesday at 5pm in my house. Then you are going to get baptized and I would like to baptize you." We were both pretty shocked, it just came out of no where, but the awesome part is that he accepted it all! We didn't have to say a word and we already knew his name, so we have an appointment and a baptism date. That was pretty cool! 
This week we also had our zone conference with the president. I spoke on having faith to find new investigators. I focused on how the demonstration of our faith is key to finding investigators. I talked about talking and teaching with confidence, happiness, power, and excitement. A lot of missionaries were still talking about what I talked about last time and asked if  i was going to use another Book of Mormon analogy, but I didn't have anything planned. But like five minutes before I went up to talk, the story of Ammon came to mind. It was not planned at all but I figured it was the Spirit so I went with it. I talked about everything I had planned and then I related it to Ammon. When Ammon and the servants were herding and giving water to the sheep, the Lamanites came and scattered all the sheep. All the servants became super discouraged because they knew the king would kill them, but Ammon didn't get discouraged. He, having faith and confidence in the Lord, took advantage of that moment and showed everyone what the Lord can do. Through his demonstration of faith the servants were amazed, the Lamanites were terrified, and a lot more people were baptized and came to know the truth. Then I gave the zone a challenge; we aren't too different from Ammon. We are missionaries on the Lord's errand, we have the same power and authority to teach that he had, we teach and worship the same god... So if Ammon, being just like us, could baptize so many through his faith, why can't we? I didn't get the opportunity to talk with the president but I got some positive feedback from the zone. I was super grateful for that impression and that the Spirit that was there. I think it might help motivate the zone a little bit more. 
I wasn't able to take an pics this week but I will be sure to send some next week! I love you guys!! Kiss the puppies for me! I'll talk to you soon!

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