Monday, February 6, 2017

Week Seventy: Salta

Hey guys! 
So this week, Mario was able to get baptized! We started teaching him 3 weeks ago and he went every Sunday since then. Through that short window we were able to see a huge change! It was incredible! On Thursday, two days before the baptism, we were going over the interview questions when he told us a few things that he had done in the past. We called President Chaparro and he came Friday to do the interview. Everything went fine though. President felt that he had repented of the past sins and was ready to get baptized. I had the great opportunity to baptize him. He was pretty nervous but super ready. When we were in the water and I raised my arm, I felt a super calm feeling. When he went under and came back out I felt the Spirit so strong and I knew that he felt it too. It was an amazing experience. When we were changing he said he had never felt so happy and that he felt so clean. All in all it was a really good day! 
Sunday in church was also pretty awesome! Rodrigo received the priesthood, Mario was confirmed a member,  two new investigators that we never met before came to church, and one of our investigators that we have been teaching for the past few weeks got up to bear his testimony and announced that he wants to get baptized this Saturday. We met him and his two sons when a member invited him to Rodrigo's baptism. His two sons, Angel (15) and Rafael (13) always go to the church activities and everything. We have quite a lot of activities here, so we are pretty happy about that. We just have a few things we need to teach but it shouldn't be a problem. 
There is a lot to do here. We have some investigators that are progressing nicely and others that aren't, so we are working with them. When I got here, all the investigators were pretty new. The oldest was Rodrigo. They had been teaching him for about a week or two before. 
We had transfers today and my comp and I are together for another transfer. The weirdest part is that the sisters in my group are going to finish their missions in six weeks! TIME IS CRAZY! 
Everything is going good and we are having fun and working hard! I love you all and I'll talk to you soon! Kiss the puppies for me! Oh and thank you for all the pics and videos! They're awesome!

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