Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week Sixty-Five: Salta

Hey guys!
Man, it sounds like you guys had an awesome New Years!! For the New Year our president gave us permission to have dinner with a family and stay out longer. Then when 12am came around, it seemed like World War 3 started! We didn't even try to sleep because it was impossible. We watched the fireworks for a little bit and when it started to die down we went to bed. But it was a good night. 
So my area is small but there is a lot to do here! The area is small because it was split in two recently. The church and ward here is really big, the biggest that I have had so far. The bishop says we have about 150 people come every week! That's huge! And there are a lot of really strong members and youth! This was the first time I saw only young men pass the sacrament!! We have a lot of help from the members and we always have a member with us. We are working like crazy!! My companion and I get along really well and are kicking some major butt. There was never that awkward first week as you are trying to get to know your comp, we were already friends by the first day. As a zone leader I haven't had to do anything too special yet. We had to help a mini missionary find her bus to go to her area and we had to help some elders that came early from the MTC, but that's about it.
 The air conditioning is incredible!! It makes a huge difference! I love it! Everything is going really well and I can't complain about anything. Being in Salta is also pretty nice because everything you need is really close and you don't have to go to far. Oh and we acutally have bikes in the area because it's so large. One is broken right now but it just needs a new chain and it's really cheap to fix so we just need a little time and we will have bikes! So that's another plus!! Oh and Elder Dobson is in my zone. He is my comp from the MTC so that's pretty cool! But really, I am pretty happy with everything. The members are good, we have lots of food, lots of work to do, and lots to teach. Oh and this week, even though it was my first week here, we went on splits like three times with members to visit and teach more people. I just had to study the map a bit and write the directions down and it worked out great! We were able to teach 45 lessons with a member present this week. Sorry I didn't take any pics this week. But I did take this one lol. I love you guys and hope you have a great week! Kiss the puppies for me!

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