Monday, December 26, 2016

Week Sixty-Four: Monterrico

Hey fam!
Congrats HAM!! The first to graduate college! Hai Estamos!! 
We had the Christmas conference and it went really well. First, a few missionaries gave some talks, then we heard from the president and his wife, then we heard the testimonies of the missionaries that are finishing their missions this transfer. So I got to see Elder Lemus give his testimony, which was cool. 
I have some good news and bad news. The first is that as I was talking with Elder Lemus he said that I have a package in the offices. He said it's a big bag. I asked if there was also a box (I imagine the first you guys sent was a box) and he said he wasn't sure. But there is one! The bad news is that I don't have it lol. The assistants thought the zone leaders were going to bring the packages and the zone leaders thought the assistants were going to bring them so no one brought them lol. But it's all good. I'll get it in a little bit! We had the gift exchange and this time everyone left with a gift lol. I got a cup for mate so it was a success. The song went well. I was nervous as crap though, even though there was only one other zone there. I have never done anything close to a duo before so I was nervous. But I got a few compliments afterwards. That stuff is nerve racking! I don't know how you do it Katie! 
Jorge understands the importance of not chewing coca. Coca is still in the form of a leaf so it isn't as strong and pure as cocaine. It doesn't have the same affects but none the less it's a problem. The many years of drinking nonstop has had an affect on his mind and we have to explain things very simply so he understands. So we are waiting until he really understands everything before he gets baptized. 
This Sunday there wasn't any bread for the sacrament so we used cookies! We broke and blessed them like normal and it seemed like the members enjoyed them lol. It was pretty interesting to use cookies instead of bread so that is going the history books. 
I'm keeping the letter a little short because we are going to talk this week! I love you guys! Kiss the puppies for me! I'll see you soon! 

When Elder Moore started his mission and when he will end.

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