Monday, December 12, 2016

Week Sixty-Three: Monterrico

Hey fam!
Man it sounds like ED was a job and a half! But thankfully you guys don't have to worry about that stress of setting everything up anymore! But I bet everyone is freaking out because without the Moores everything is going to be a lot different. Man, Cam and Hails are graduating?! That's nuts! What are their plans now? When do the kids come? Lol. 
This week Jorge was not able to be baptized because he was still chewing coca. So we have to push it back another week and see how it goes. But the lesson we had when we found out he was chewing coca still was actually really spiritual. He was actually chewing it when we showed up and I really didn't know what I should say. So as my comp was saying the prayer to start the lesson I was saying another one to have the help of the Spirit. And long story short... GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS! It was another experience where I can't tell you what I said because they weren't my words. I can only tell you that the Spirit in that lesson was hard to miss. As we were teaching I felt the impression to give him a blessing to help him with this problem. We gave him a blessing after the closing prayer and we left. We came back for our next appointment and I never saw him so excited and happy before. He was talking more than before and you could tell that the Spirit had touched his heart. He has another date for this Saturday, the 17th. The interview is planned, we just need to make sure he stays busy and doesn't fall into temptation. 
We also had a good Sunday. There were a lot of people, more than I have seen before. We prepared the sacrament like we always do and it turns out that we ran out of water. We had to prepare more and bless it. It was awesome! The branch president leaned over to us and said, "There are a lot of people here, good work elders!" That thought never even entered my mind that we were the cause of the amount of people that were there. I looked around the room and realized everyone that was there were people and families that we were teaching and helping come back to the church. But there is no way I can take the credit, everyone has their time whether it's to accept the gospel for the first time or to come back to it. We as missionaries are not the turning point for these people. Rather we are the mouth piece of the Spirit. It's the Spirit that turns lives around, never us. I just do what I can do to have the Spirit with me and then He takes the reigns. 
Also I gave a talk in sacrament meeting about being the light of the world and how we can and should always share this great message we have with everyone we know. With the experiences and stories I shared, it was hard not to get a little emotional through the Spirit. 
This week we have the Christmas conference with the president so I will let you guys know how the song went lol. I think that's about it for my week but I hope you guys have a great week! I'll talk to you guys soon! Kiss the puppies for me!!

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