Monday, July 10, 2017

Week Ninety-Two: Almirante Brown

Hey fam!
Man, it sounds like everyone had a great week! Sailing on a boat is way fun! Chloe is looking way good too! Funny to hear that you saw only the half of the fireworks but you made the best of it!!
This week on the work side was a little hard for us. I think the Lord was testing our diligence and patience. We were able to teach but just not as many as we had hoped or planned. But I know that we are going to have a better week.  Luckily this computer reads my camera so I have some pics for you guys. The last conference we had with President Chaparro was pretty much like every other conference, it didn't really seem like he was going anywhere. But we got to know President Orquera this week. He also is from Argentina and it seems like he is really excited to be working as a mission president. He and his wife are super happy and nice. He is gong to be a good president for sure. During the conference they told us we won't be having interviews today, but in week 6, which is next week. I knew that I needed some info, so during lunch I talked to him quickly and he said there won't be a problem. He just said he needs to confirm it with my stake president, I didn't know that. Does President Nelson know? I am going to talk to him about it more next week during the interview to confirm everything.
I gave a talk yesterday in sacrament meeting about service. I had prepared a few things to say beforehand, like a few quotes and scriptures, but I mostly relied on the Spirit to guide me. I talked a bit longer than I thought I would. I guess the Spirit wanted me to say a few more things lol. But I thought it went alright. Everyone was talking about it. A lot of people were telling me how much they liked it. They even quoted me in ward conference. It all made me realize something. Receiving so many compliments makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I think before the mission I would have welcomed all the compliments with pleasure but I'm not exactly too sure what changed. I just want to do what I'm supposed to do and if I do it well, I know I was getting some help from above. The spiritual lessons, the good feelings, everything.. I know it isn't me but the Holy Ghost. I think I've really come to understand what Ammon said to his brothers when he said he is nothing but it's God that is so great. (That's obviously not exactly what he said I just can't remember exactly how it goes lol.) But I'm super grateful for the little bit of humility that I've been able to learn here on the mission.
Our area compared to others I've had is a little bit better off. It's pretty close to the city so I think that's why. Everything is going great here! Enjoying the time I have left!
I hope you guys have another great week! Give Chloe lots of love for me! I'll talk to you soon!

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