Saturday, July 8, 2017

Week Ninety-One: Almirante Brown

Hey fam!
So this Saturday, President Chaparro finished his mission and now we have our new president, President Orqueda. we have a conference and interviews with him this Wednesday so I will talk to him then about my release date. For now he hasn't made any changes or anything and I still know nothing about him. So we will see what he's like this week.
Today we went to Pumamaca, or the hill or seven colors. We went as a district. It was pretty fun and I took some sweet pics and bought a few souvenirs. I haven't really bought anything during my mission so I figured now is the time.
This week Sofia and Guillermina weren't able to get baptized. Their mom had to go to work and obviously they didn't want to get baptized without their mom. We are talking with her to know when she is going to have a day off. They can get baptized any time it just depends on the mom's work. So I'll let you know how it goes.
My comp does good work and we get along. He's had some bad comps before so I think that also had a big effect on his confidence. But I am seeing a good progress in him. He is talking a lot more now than before. President Chapparo had a conference with us last week and he invited us all to read the Book of Mormon before the next general conference. I saw that as a good opportunity to help my comp, so we read the Book of Mormon every night before we go to bed together. There are some points of doctrine that he doesn't understand so reading out loud helps him learn and I explain a few things to help. I also made a personal goal to get the most out of reading everyday. I'm trying to really ponder everything that it says to get the most out of it and I've noticed a huge difference. Reading to read is one thing but when we really think and ponder the scriptures we can get so much more out of it. "Feast upon the words of Christ." As for now it's the best feast I've had. I too am learning new things. Personal revelation is awesome!! I look forward to reading like never before! I also would like to extend the same invitation to you guys. Can you think of a better preparation for listening to the words of the living prophets than reading the whole Book of Mormon?!
All in all things are going really good here. The only thing we need to improve is finding new investigators. We are finding a few but we need more! I'm so happy to hear that all is going good back at home and that Chloe is helping Katie get better! I hope you all have a great week! Love you and talk to you soon! Give lots of love to Chloe for me!! I'm trying to send some pics but it's not reading my camera. Looks like only a few computers read my camera. But I'll see what I can do.

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