Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week Eighty: Salta

Hey fam!
Sounds like everyone was able to enjoy Easter! Easter here was pretty relaxed. It was actually pretty weird because church didn't focus on it either, I'm not too sure why?! 
Yes, the weather here is starting to get pretty cold. I have officially broken out the sweaters and jackets. Luckily the air conditioning unit we have has a heat mode so we don't freeze at night lol. As of right now I'm liking the cooler weather but it's only fall and I know that it gets a lot colder than this. 
I talked with President on Wednesday. He and I talked about school and everything. He said that I need to talk with the new president when he comes. He can't make changes that will affect the new president. I was expecting that answer so we just have to wait till the new president comes in June. 
Also this week we went to another area super far away, farther than last week, but only by an hour. We got there in time and we also left in time. We didn't get stuck there lol. But in the process to get there it was pretty interesting. We knew we had to leave Wednesday in the afternoon but we just didn't know when exactly. We checked the times and realized that the bus we needed leaves at 5. We realized this at 4:35. We quickly ran to "pack," (I say it like that because I just grabbed my tooth brush and left lol) we got in a taxi, and went to the bus station. This was the only bus we could take and it was very possible that we were going to miss it. So in the taxi I said a small prayer that we would make it in time. We got there with 5 minutes to spare but we still had to buy our tickets. We got our tickets and stated looking for our bus. There were a lot so it took some time. We couldn't find our bus until we got to the last one and it had just shut the door. We knocked on the driver's door to ask if this was the bus we needed. He said it was and we literally jumped on as the bus was pulling out. We found our seats and I said a prayer of thanks because I knew that He had a part in that. Just a small but at the same time a miraculous story of the power of prayer. 
Everything is going great here! I love you guys and hope you have another great week! Kiss the puppies for me! I'll talk to you soon!

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