Monday, April 4, 2016

Week Twenty-six 3/28/16 Tucuman

Hi Guys,
I’m glad to here that Theo is doing better! I don’t like it when my puppies don’t feel well, but I’m happy everything is going good.  Easter here was pretty chill.  We had these cards that we passed out to a lot of people with the new video about Easter.  That’s a really good video I like it a lot, I’m sure you guys have seen it. We didn’t really do anything special for Easter. That’s so awesome about the baptisms and that the ward was so involved!!  That’s something that we need to work on here, getting the ward more involved in missionary work.  Man that would really help us!

We talked a lot with recent converts that are inactive now, like in Puerto Rico, they got baptized for the missionary and then dropped off.  If we can help the investigators form a bond with the members than that is more of a reason to continue to go to church.  Again, love that Alta Loma is so involved with these new members. 

This week was a little crazy in the beginning because my comp had to go do papers for his Visa so I was with another elder in our zone, his comp had to do the same thing.   We were in his area and we had service in the morning.   We were asked to cut down a couple of old telephone poles because they needed the wood to build something.  All they had was a handsaw and it was super dull, I couldn’t cut a thing with it.  Man do I appreciate your tools Dad.  I tell ya, people would be blown away to have even a quarter of the stuff you have.  What do you think they’d do if you mailed an axe or a hand saw to me?  JK – it would NEVER get here!  Anyway, we asked if they had anything else and all they had was an axe.  You guessed it - it was still pretty dull but it worked.  I started out cutting it, dang these poles are pretty tough and its NOT very easy to cut with a dull axe.  I got tired pretty fast so I gave the axe to my comp to give him a turn and to rest.  It was made clear, relatively fast, that he wasn’t very familiar with an axe so he handed it back to me to finish the pole.  Man I haven’t worked like that in awhile I have some pretty gnarly blisters! Yeah its fun shaking hands lol.   Don’t worry I’m keeping them clean so they don’t get infected.

Sadly this week we couldn’t meet with Juan.  He is only there on the weekends and when we went over there he wasn’t home.  Man was bummed about that!!  Hopefully we can find him this week, I’m anxious to hear all about his prayer.  We taught the word of wisdom with Alijandro and he seemed to understand it and ACCEPTED the invitation to live it! BUT when we went over for our next appointment he was drunk.  I don’t know what happened, but that was a super big fat bummer!!!  I’m gonna be straight up with him next time we meet, couldn’t really do anything since he wasn’t in his mind, but he needs us to be firm and we need to know if we should keep working with him.  

On a good note we met with one of Bruno’s daughters and she said she wants to know if this church is true and said she needed to pray to find out – YES!  She’s been reading in the Book of Mormon, but she works on Sundays and can’t go to church.   She says she’d be able to go to Conference though so I’m super excited for that and for conference in general!  It’s going to be awesome! Get a load of this, they’re going to have a room that plays it in English for all us English speaking missionaries, I’m gonna be able to understand everything!  It’s going to be awesome!

I’m so happy that you guys are getting so involved with the missionaries and enjoying it!  It’s easy to see why missionaries don’t want to leave the field - there is really nothing like missionary work! I love you guys! Keep up the great work!  I’ll talk to you soon!  Kiss my puppies for me!! 

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