Monday, April 4, 2016

Week Twenty-five 3/21/16 Tucuman

Hello Hello,
So first of all what exactly is going on with Theo? Is it like he’s sick or pulled a muscle or what?  What meds are you giving him and what are they for? How is Daisy?  What a crazy vet week you’ve had!  I’ll be praying for Theo & Daisy. 
Sorry but I can’t load pics today because this computer doesn’t have a usb port. This week was pretty good.  We met with Juan and he’s doing much better. We thought it would be best for him if we taught the 3rd lesson and then come back to the second.  As we taught we emphasized baptism and it went really well. He wants to follow Christ but he doesn’t know which church is true. We asked him a question at the end of the lesson, it truly was an inspired question because if you can believe, we cannot remember what the question was!!  I mean we really cannot remember what we asked him, but we just remember his response.  After we asked IT we just waited and waited, in silence.  I say anything and I hoped my comp wouldn’t’ either so to give him time to think about this question.  He finally answered, “I need to ask God if this is the church for me.”   I thought to myself – I’ll take that!!  We left him with a scripture for homework and to ask God.  I’m really excited to teach him but the bad part is he is only available on weekends now.  That totally stinks!  As a companionship we agreed that we have to make the few lessons we have with him good!
Allijandro - things are going good with him we just have to GET HIM TO CHURCH.  No wonder the apostles are hitting it hard when it comes to keeping the Sabbath day holy.  I’ve seen it draw families at home and here away from making and keeping covenants.  Anyway, I was a little afraid to teach Allijandro the word of wisdom because he has problems, but we briefly touched base on it while teaching the 10 commandments.  He said that he has a problem and he wants to change – PERFECT!  It just goes to show how God can change someone’s heart.  

It’s starting to cool down – YEAH!!.  Not sure if its going to last but I’m welcoming it!  I hope everything is going good. I love you guys, kiss the puppies for me and take extra good care of my Theo!!  I’ll talk to you soon!

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